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    I’m certain this thread has been out there before, but unfortunately cannot locate it. So…. I beg your forgiveness.

    I’ve played the game for years but my friends that I enjoy playing with the most are now strewn about the country. We just played our first game of AAG40 and were incredibly thrilled with the game (thank you Larry and the gang!) but as we all now know, without spending two or more days, the game is hard to truly finish. So, we thought about starting to PBEM.

    What is the easiest and best method for playing by email that everyone is using?  From mapping moves to rolling of dice, I’m a complete newbie. We all have the board games ourselves to keep up and active if that is an option as well (we all enjoy actually visualizing the board this way rather than on a screen).

    Thanks for your help.

  • you can use the play by forum on this website that works pretty good

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    Thanks Spartan!  Found it. Very helpful.

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