Interested in playing a new game?

  • Do you like diplomocy and political games?do you want to be able to run your own country? Heres your chance. Ally with other countries or try to dominatethe world There is no AI you only play with real players and a moderator. So no cheating can go on. The possibilities are endless as to what you can do. This is a email style of game. interested reply on here or email me with any questions you might have. I am looking for as many people as possible.

  • Can you explain more?? No offense but you havn’t said anything we can use. Please explain more.

  • I will try to explain it as short as possible. There is really no winning of the game so in eccense the game could go on forever. First you would be assigned with a nation. those that start the game first has a list of nations they can pick from, Germany, usa, australia, etc. Each nation starts with 200 tokens. one token equels 20 million dollars in real life. Also each nation will have its own problems from previous leader, you will have to deal with each situation. Each nation will have its own natural resources, which you can trade with other nations. you need certain resources to build military units and currency. You will be asked to join the league of nations, like united nations of today.the chairman is the moderator of the can accept or you can do whatever you want, you have control of your nation so you can do whatever you want. you have to set up a budget, so you can earn more tokens, like taxes. when you get your nation you will get a population total, and how much the other leader taxed them before you. if you join the league of nations once a week whoever is in it will have a live chat as to matters that needs to be addressed with each nation, just like meetings of the un. there are curtain units you can build mainly from a&a and you will use the game map for military conflicts. I did add some other units, like one is a spy plane that can fly over another nation. Now i am just starting this game so there will be problems in it, but they will be addressed as the problems present itself. I am in the prosses of writing all the rules and more about the game so if anyone is interested i can just send all the material to them. Hope this helps, hard to describe this game in short.

  • How many people you got in this? Will this cost anything?

  • I am still looking for players, I been busy trying to type the rules out so i havent given it my all in tying to find players yet. It wouldnt cost anything to play for those you joined first, cause you guys would be like beta testers. I would like to see how good the game could get first or maybe it wont be fun at all. But i would like to try and find out. If you have anyone you think might be interested have them email me and i now have a copy of the rules i can send out.

  • I am interested in this idea. If you can E-mail please with some more information. You don’t have to send everything just e-mail some of the turn info and maybe how the countries will be rated. What time period are we talking about?

  • I am very interested in that as well.
    Although i see a problem for the chat/UN, coming from a european time zone.
    What is your email, so that you can send a set of the rules to me?
    I might find some players as well, have to ask in my gaming round 😉

  • My email address is

  • E-mail please some of the stuff. Just some overview stuff.
    I am interested!! Just click my email button at the bottom there to get my email address. If for some reason you can’t tell me.

  • I emailed both of you a copy of the rules, if you dont get them let me know, thanks

  • I’m having trouble with my e-mail, but I’ll try again after I’m done with this.

  • Sounds cool. Email me the rules if the game is still ago.

  • '19 Moderator

    Send me a copy as well. Is this WWII era or modern? If I don’t want to be in the leage of nations can I start a warsaw pact if I want? :evil:

  • I would like a copy to

    e-mail:(delete the “NOSPAMTEXT”)

    the things that seem like spaces (between the g and the k , between the k and the z are underscores _ )

  • '19 Moderator

    Has anyone heard any more about this game?

  • Moderator

    no offense but maybe his Screen name has something to do with it… :lol: sorry Weasel… 🙂


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