Commonwealth Global 1940 (Canada Rules)

  • The ANZAC pieces (Dark Grey) are used to represent the new power “UK Commonwealth”
    The commonwealth takes one turn, but has a split economy. The Economies are:
    10 IPCs : ANZAC; Capital is Sidney (all territories marked with the ANZAC roundel)
    7 IPCs :Canada; Capital is Ottawa (all territoreis marked with the Canadian roundel)

    The following rule changes are made to accomidate the new Commonweath power
    Game Mechanics:
    Commonwealth forces may choose to conqer enemy territory on behalf of the United Kingdom power instead of themselves if they desire. The Commonwealth may assume control of United Kingdom territory as if it was Dutch if the UK capital in that theatre has been captured.

    Do not place United Kingdom Units in Ontario, Quebec, or Sea Zone 106 during setup. Instead follow this setup for Canada, using Commonwealth (Dark Grey) units
    British Columbia - 1 Infantry
    Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba - 1 Infantry
    Ontario - 1 Infantry, 1 Fighter, Air Base
    Quebec - 1 Infantry, 1 Tank, Minor Industrial Complex
    New Brunswick/Nova Scotia - Naval Base
    United Kingdom - 1 Infantry
    Sea Zone 1 - Destroyer
    Sea Zone 120 - Transport
    Sea Zone 106 - Destroyer, Transport

    National Objectives:
    United Kingdom:
    Replace the United Kingdom “control all original territory” objective with:

    a) 5 IPCs for the European economy if all Canadain territories are controled, as well as Egypt and Gibraltar and Sea Zone 109 is free of enemy ships.

    b) 5 IPCs for the Pacifc economy (India) if all ANZAC territories are controled, as well as Malya and Kwangtung and Sea Zone 39 is free of enemy ships.

    The ANZAC economy benifits from its normal National Objectives, these IPCs go to the ANZAC economy only. The Canadain economy can benifit from the following National Objectives:

    5 IPCs if all European Allied convoy zones are free of enemy ships
    (Convy zones adjacent to a currently controled Allied territory on the Europe game board)

    3 IPCs if the United States is at war with the Axis Powers

    The Commonwealth conducts research and development as a single power.
    The United Kingdom European economy begins the game at 23, the Pacific economy begins the game at 15.
    Use ANZAC roundels (or the “union jack” roundel) to denote Canadian conquests.

  • sounds good,any thing to slow down the allies is fine with me

  • I love this idea because I too feel that the allies have a slight advantage in the global game, one interesting thought is maybe upgrading British Columbia territory into 2 IPC territory, then Canada would have an option of building a minor factory or more important, give them a 8 IPC total for early destroyer builds.
    A second thought, would this commonwealth nation share any technology breakthroughs?

  • Yes Commonwealth shares Tech, for simplicitys sake
    I do not endorse changing territory values, for simplicitys sake
    There is no need for a pacific factory for canada, that is simply ahistorical, I gave Canada a destroyer in the pacific, which will likely just join the ANZAC fleet.

    Also, Canada is fairly weak at setup, so I tweaked it slightly

    British Columbia - 1 Infantry
    Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba - 1 Infantry
    Ontario - 1 Infantry, 1 Fighter, Air Base
    Quebec - 1 Infantry, 1 Tank, 1 Artillery, Naval Base, Minor Industrial Complex
    New Brunswick/Nova Scotia - 1 Infantry
    United Kingdom - 1 Infantry
    Sea Zone 1 - Destroyer
    Sea Zone 120 - Transport
    Sea Zone 106 - Destroyer, Cruiser, Transport

    More units were added to insulate against the early IPC deffiency of Canada, The port in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia was moved to nearby Quebec, which services the northern sea zones as well. This is important because the transport in SZ 106 “can” make it to United Kingdom on Commonweath turn 2 to protect against a G3 Sea-Lion.

    Also the fleet in 106 was beefed up to insulate against it being killed quickly on G1.
    Though I may just put another destroyer in SZ 120

  • I think this idea of splitting the UK’s income is great for balance purpose. There will now be a second Atlantic ally if London does fall, but it can’t be ignored that you’ve added 68IPC worth of units/facilities to Canada and not a single unit to Germany/Italy. Perhaps some more Baltic subs in zone 114 for Germany or a destroy for Italy anything to help fine tune the changes.

  • 2020 2019 2018 2017 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    I haven’t come up with any homebrew rules yet, but this summer when I was making the customized roundels for my Global game I decided to use a single design that would apply to all the Commonwealth dominion forces: a plain blue circle on a white background.  (You can see them being used for Canada, Australia and New Zealand [and for territories under their jurisdictions or mandates] in the “Right side” picture I’ve posted here:

    The original idea was that this common roundel would be used by the six dominions to which the 1931 Statute of Westminster applied (Canada, Newfoundland, Eire, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand) and that the ANZAC sculpts from Pacific 1940 would be the ones used in common by these forces.  I later decided that Eire shouldn’t be included in my list because it technically remained neutral during the war.  The other five locations all contributed substantial forces to the war effort, so I’ve been applying the common roundel to all of them – even though, strictly speaking, Australia didn’t ratify the Statute until 1942, New Zealand didn’t ratify it until 1947, and Newfoundland never ratified it at all and was under direct British rule from 1934 to 1939.

  • where can i download a good commonwealth roundel ? and would it not be a good idea to add south africa to the commonwealth

  • @shintokamikaze:

    where can i download a good commonwealth roundel ? and would it not be a good idea to add south africa to the commonwealth

    ANZAC roundel is commonwealth roundel.

  • if Canada is a separate power, then aren’t you taking too much away from the UK on both sides of the board? i mean now Europe UK has 23 and Pac UK has 15. 15 makes for an uneven buy and also a weak euro UK. in either global or Europe, the UK barely has enough to fight with what it has let alone a weaker economy. i like it but i don’t think it would work

  • True, taking away from the UK is a dangerous move, it weakens the already weak UK

    However, for true historical buffs the addition of Canada is desirable.
    Also, taking away from the UK also gives to Canada. Early game this is not visible, but in these rules it is slightly easier for the UK to collect its National Objectives. Also Canada can collect its National objectives and has some troop reserves it can bring to UK instead of spending on units only.

    There is a total of 13 Allied IPCs in the european theatre that usually arent there
    5 for Gibraltar, Egypt and 109 free of axis units INSTEAD of “hold all UK territory”
    5 for Canada if no allied european convoys are under threat
    and 3 for canada if the US is at war with the axis

    It slows down the allies, but they eventualy catch up. They then have to attack multinationaly but thats the nature of the beast.

    I havent tried these rules yet, and they may be very clunky. But it is the best shot at having a canadian power in the game, using the tools at hand. (grey infantry and new “simple” rules)

  • I’ve got my Canadian Roundels printed and glued to the back of surplus American roundels, but before I play my first game I was look over the set-up, and I actually don’t like moving the Naval base, there is just no way a ship departing from Hudson bay should be able to move 3 spaces, those are mostly undeveloped coastlines. Halifax was the port almost all Canadian ships departed from, so I will test my game that way. Another interesting thought was perhaps adding the Island of Newfoundland to the map and moving the Ontario airbase there. The title of Newfoundland is in fact printed over the Labrador half of the province, this territory would still be British owned but Canada could fly it’s fighter over for scrambling purposes or even more important, this island is the launch pad for America fighters into UK. Any thoughts?


  • The port is moved for gameplay purposes, History must take a back seat sometimes. So that Canadian land units can make it to England BEFORE G3, which is the earliest a mathmaticly sucessfull sealion can be attempted.

    Also, the Air Base in Ontario ensures that figher can get to UK BEFORE G3.

    These units go to Iceland & SZ 123 on Commonwealth 1, then can move to UK to assist it if it under duress

    Since I have taken away so much from UK it is only fair to ensure that some canadain units can get to the UK before a Sea Lion

    The Canadian Cruiser in SZ 106 makes that fleet too strong.
    The power should have another destroyer instead of the Cruiser.

    Remove the Cruiser, add a destroyer to SZ 116

  • I played a game of Europe 1940 with the Canada as the 5th ally. I gave them the IPC for British Columbia as well just for good measure. Overall their performance wasn’t groundbreaking. Canada1 the transport moved down to South America and Can2 they took Brazil. Germany threatened sealoin but never built more than 2 extra transports. Can3 saw another transport join the fleet ready to move the 6 IMF into Africa. Turn4 US came into sz 91 in force and moved across north Africa  US was massive in comparasion & did most of the work. Canada was up to 12IPC with Brazil & a NO but was more of a pain have to build in Quebec with such low income. Axis still surrendered by round 8 as Italy performed poorly never holding Egypt more than a turn and a very weak med fleet obliterated by US early. Being a Canadian myself I loved having them in the game but it won’t be a permanent addition.
    One thing to change for a NO would be a plus 5 for no axis warships in the 8 sz between Canada and UK. I can’t remember the #'s but that would help the income later in the game

  • The only reason I wanted to change the NO is it hard to see how a convoy raid of Italian warships in Egypt would disrupt the Canadian economy. The Atlantic seazones free makes more sence but as far a KISS rule the current NO is better

  • anyone else try these rules?

  • I am looking at my board and I do not see how placing an airbase on Ontario helps.  It takes five moves to get to Iceland as opposed to four from Atlantic Canada.  The same is true for the port.  Historically the port at Halifax Nova Scotia was used for most convoy departures (including US departures as well).  I would put the airbase on the island of Newfoundland as that was where planes left North America en route to Iceland.  I don’t know why the board was labelled the way it was,  It should be “Atlantic” or “Maritime” Canada instead of “New Brunswick/Nova Scotia” and the island of Newfoundland could be labelled properly and be similar to a Sicily or Corsica with a UK marker on it since Newfoundland was not part of Canada until 1949.  There should be a minor factory on both Ontario and Quebec.  Canada was converted into a weapons manufacturing machine during world war two.  Canada was the chief overseas supplier to Britain during the war.  Coupled with vast resources I would say giving British Columbia an IPC value of two is fair.

  • I’m going to try these rules I find that it makes the game even.

  • I agree with what your saying completely.

  • why uk pacific have 15 cpi and a cont 16 when play whit canada? thank

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