• Any map of Global 40 yet on TripleA???

  • Not that i have seen.

    Them fellas need paid for their work.

  • They’ve said they had to rewrite a lot of Java code to make that happen.  Air/naval bases and convoy disruptions do not function in the current build, if I recall correctly.

  • http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki/Forum

    It’s simple.  2 of the Devs are gone missing, 1 is making a map editor again / thinking about porting to droids.

    Veq has had a lovely p40-STYLE (lawyer speak) map sitting idle for 9 months now.  He is waiting on someone to help w/an e40-STYLE map, but has no drive as it will not WORK.


  • TripleA


    Them fellas need paid for their work.

    i would kick in a little cash if it would help.

    i really love triplea, i wish someone with programming skills could get global40 working.

  • I know a little java, I downloaded the latest stable source and taking a look at it all… it would take me quite a while to just figure out how its all set up and what needs to be changed.  😞 but if there’s someone else out there who knows the program I would happily work with them on it. its very descriptive there’s just a lot of extended classes and I couldnt even get the source to compile without changing anything with eclipse… yeah, so perhaps I’m not qualified for doing this on my own. but I tried, global 1940 is quite awesome

  • post on the tripleA forums any questions you have, Kev is pretty good about replying.

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