American Trump Card

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    Let’s face it, sometimes with the U.S. Getting men and transports into the fight is just too damn slow.

    Don’t know if anyone has thought about it, or not but…  Anyone considered an all fighter build on a turn as the U.S (like the first turn you can spend 80+)?  So like 8 fighters?  Or perhaps more if built previous on post turns?

    Fly your fighter stack to Europe, UK or Gibraltart first, then Russia after.  You can’t prevent early sea lion, but with 8+ fighters sitting in Moscow, or London, depending on Axis focal point, put’s a major Shield in the way of the Axis thwart their activites quickly.

    Call it your trump card, you can basically play it anytime for a big gain/push/defence.  Smoke an Italian/German Navy maybe, Or pad any front line stack Directly BEFORE the German turn.  Reinforce areas in desperate need of support instantly.

    Hell the uphill gain for the Axis to make thier incomes even to the allies is SO steep, if the U.S. built predominantly fighters for defense and counter attack globally, with perhaps a limited naval shuck from Brazil to Africa to keep the economic Balance in Allied favour, could the axis still give the allies a run for their money?

    You can call this a fairly KGF strategy, but the same fighter strategy still holds true enough for defending WUS and Australia (and perhaps India if J3 attack assumed) thats long enough to secure Victory in Europe, and threaten Japanese Movements.  It’s SUCH a far go for the Japanese to take Moscow it’s almost not even worth mentioning…

  • I tend to have a very similar strategy against Japan. I use fighters and air bases to force the Japanese player to move around my fighter bases. I also try to use some transports covered by a few destroyers to put some men on those bases to help the fighters if need be in defense (obviously depending on attack otherwise I scramble) or to move later to take other islands

    I usually have a decent air force in Europe as well though not nearly as strong. Would be interesting to try having a larger one for some games.

  • '10

    There is a risk to loose those figthers on cheaper ground units, or ships.

    But those Figther masses can clear the baltic sea for example and secure Norway unf Finnland for the Allies.

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