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  • This is my first post so bear with me. My question is about the two reinforcements that Russia gets from the east. It seems clear that if Moscow is taken and you can not build that you would not get the 2 inf from the east but I wanted to make sure.

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    Welcome, Pop!

    You are correct.

  • Were you able to capture Moscow in a game? If so, which way did you go to Moscow and what did you build that worked? Was Russia aggressive or defensive in your opinion?

    Thanks, and welcome to the forums, keep you head down some of the battles leap off the board and into the forum 🙂

  • My buddy likes to build heavy up north with the Russians to take denmark once war is declared. I built the major factory in romania. He wiped out my Italian fleet so I had an Italian fighter and fighter bomber available to attack two buffer Russian units that he didn’t see. They opened a hole and next turn I had a large armor force next to moscow. Even tho I took out Russia it was too late. The US and Britian had huge navys and there was enough Russians left up north that I couldn’t sustain an offensive in Russia and defend all of Europe. Italy had been kicked tottally out of Africa. So I never overcame my loss of the sealion invasion even with the defeat of Russia.

  • Sorry I didn’t have my ducks in a row on that post. I tried sealion on 2nd turn and even tho I had a decent shoot at it I failed. Sorry I don’t remember what the units where, I think I had 6 ground units and lots of aircraft, but he built all ground units to defend plus his 3 fighters. Really bad dice roll, oh well thats A&A.

  • Yes, you no longer receive them if Moscow is captured. I asked earlier, its on the thread below

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