Total Unit Value Global 40

  • Counting Complexes and Bases
    Allies: 1887

    Not Counting Complexes and Bases
    Axis: 1128
    Allies: 1170

    Consider this semi-official.  I made an Excel sheet for set up.  I’m sure someplace in there I inverted Mech Infanty and Tanks lol.

    One of these is sure to be the right link for Mediafire.  I don’t use it much And Allies Set Up.xls

    See any mistakes let me know.  I did a neat thing with GIMP and copied the German set up over a Panther Tank pic set to 20% Opacity.  Soon as I hunt down any typos I might try to make it look good.

  • Allies start with more units, money and income.

    Axis get the first move.

  • Allies start with major units unprotected. TUV means nothing in the face of that. Just the brit navy as an example (2BB, 2CA, 2-3 DD, 1-2 TRN) So for conservative play 87 IPC value, non conservative 102 IPC. That is for a loss of 5 max subs and a fighter or two at 45-55 IPCs. Starting unit Values mean nothing to an experienced player. I’m not sure starting unit values really mean much.

  • @deadbunny:

    Starting unit Values mean nothing to an experienced player. I’m not sure starting unit values really mean much.

    I always keep an eye on the TUV for both sides when I am playing online. The total gives you an idea whose side is getting the better end of the several engagements. But you need to know to read the numbers: for instance, if the Allies have a big TUV advantage but it is mainly because of expensive units (planes and ships) then the Axis might have an advantage on land.

    You don’t really need it to play (I never calc it when playing board) but it can give you an idea of how good your strat is doing.

  • Am I right in guessing TUV is total unit value? Also is the the OOB setup, or the errata setup?  One more thing to maybe add to that list would be starting IPCs. It would be interesting to document after Frances turn each round and see how it’s changed, with how many IPCs each side has plus price of units and bases. This could show a progression using the setup as a zero value for each side, then seeing how each side is doing.

  • Erratica set up.

    Agreed Total Unit Value doesn’t tell the whole story and round 1 can be terrible for the European Allies.

    Neat idea Mino.  I miss playing on the PC where them things are tracked for me.  If I’m every forced to be just ANZAC in a game perhaps I’ll try to keep track of everyone’s units lol.

    Axis victories seem to rely on forcing the Allies into sacrificing units trying to catch up on initiative.  Nothing like having to give up some units to protect your assets.

  • I think i moved some of the American units from the west coast to Hawaii on my sheets. If anyone finds other mistakes let me know.

  • Once again I doubt if you missed the American units at the west coast that starting TUV means anything. If it cant be protected in force its useless unless its out of range.

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