1941 1942 or other short game set up ideas?

  • I love Global 40.  It is a big long game that even with the most dedicated opponent takes two or more nights to finish.  For that reason I still have my home made 50th Anniversary game.

    Any rumors of alternate Larry Harris set ups to start Global “more into the war”?

    An early 41 start would have the political situation of turn 3 of the 1940 Global game.  The Russians can’t attack Germany, Japan can choose to start the war with the US on their terms.

    Tons of ideas are in my mind.

    1.Make the US leave at least one Battleship in Hawaii with a turn 2 declaration of war on Japan.  If the US moves their Battleship they’re forced to be neutral until attacked or turn 20.

    2.Put a British infantry and airplane in Malta.

    3.Give the Italians a damaged Battleship in a non-sea base square to start the game.  Their navy wasn’t in the best shape and that would make them choose between escorting them transports to Africa or waiting for the Littoro to repair next turn.

    4.For a 1IPC cost allow up to 6 IPC US lend lease to Russia with a German sub D6 roll at reducing it IF the sub is loose in the North Atlantic. It would cost America 7 of its IPCs to send 6 IPCs to Russia because escorting them jeeps across the Atlantic did cost something.

    5.Give the Russians a +1 to their dice rolls round one and perhaps two.  This would simulate the purge and give the Germans some incentive to hurry in.  Attacking Russian infantry would still have to hit on 1 I suppose but no artillery support.

    Hmmm, I’m going to go join the Larry Harris board and post this.

    Any ideas or rumors a 42 start is in the works?  My friends really love the game but our 5 player games take a long time since its difficult to get everyone over the same night.

  • BB at Hawaii or turn 20? What’s the historical basis for that? Isn’t there a better way to simulate Pearl Harbor?

  • Well the U.S. didn’t exactly jump to war with Germany lol.

    I was being a little off the cuff with the turn 20 crack.  I could live with turn 4 or 6 also.  Either would simulate a 1942 or 1943 U.S. declaration of war.

    Just want to give the Japanese some reason to attack Hawaii like FDR did.  If the Japanese waited until January 42 to attack I be the Arizona would still have been sitting there.

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