• Have any of you played the Star War Risk? What are your thoughts?

  • It’s a fun game. The special cards and star destroyers make it more fun than regular risk. It’s balanced toward the empire, no way the hutts can win.

  • As long as were talking orignal Star Wars risk, Its a pretty fun game. I think the whole, kill the Emperor thing make the game intresting, but can totally kill long term play-abality

  • Played it once, 2 vs. 2.  I was on the Republic side and saw that we basically needed to rush to do damage and hopefully minimize Palpatine’s revolution.  We had some terrible rolls whereas the other team had great ones.  It was basically a few turns of us not making any progress, then Order 66 was called and it was essentially over.  There are some specific rules for the game and it’s different than regular Risk, so I think it’s neat, just need to play it a few more times.

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