Flying Boats and Seaplanes Unit.

  • Here is a new unit I cooked up for the fun of it.  Please let me know what you think,

    Seaplane/Flying boat
    Move:5, +1 with port or airbase (does not compound)
    Attack: 1 vs all but naval units, 2 vs Naval units, 3 vs subs when accompanied by destroyer.
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 11

    Special features:
    *Landing abilities: Can land on any friendly land territory as per normal rules for air units.  Can additionally land on any naval territory adjacent to allied port facilities.  Also, can land 1 Seaplane per cruiser, same rules apply as carriers with tacs and fighters.  This reflects the small scout aircraft as well as the tender ships that refueled the big flying boats far out at sea.
    *Sub Hunter:  This air unit does not need a destroyer to accompany it in an attack on submarines.  If the sea unit is not hit in the first round of combat, the submarine can submerge (logically).  If a destroyer is present, see attack bonus below.
    *Attack Bonuses:  These air units were used to support the fleet, search for enemy ships and submarines in offensive and defensive rolls.  The Seaplane/Flying boat increases the submarines attack roll (this includes sneak attack) from a 2 to a 3 (if Super subs, then it allows the sub to sneak attack regardless of the presence of a destroyer).  This works just like artillery and infantry on a 1/1 ratio.  In addition to this the Seaplane/flying boat also can increase any dice rolled by a Naval unit by 1, ONLY if the hit can be taken against another naval unit.  This would not apply to land or air units or shore bombardment. 
    1.  you are attacking a battleship, carrier, fighter, and a cruiser carrying a flying boat with 2 destroyers and 2 flying boats and a sub. 
    2.  Your first attack roll would be: DD X2 @ 2+1 & 2+1 {because of attack bonus for two flying boats}, FB X2 (flying Boat) @ 2 & 2 {because you are attacking sea units with them} , and SS at 3 {because of attack bonus}.
    The defense rolls (assuming the hit would be take against the Battleships first hit) would be:  FB @ 1, CV @ 3 {Because of FB attack bonus}, CA @ 3, FTR @ 4 and BB @ 4.

    If sea units are all destroyed on one side, then the Flying boat no longer gives any bonus to the Naval units friendly to it.

    Allied Flying boats can land on Allied Cruisers, at allied ports, or allied territories. 
    Allied Flying boats cannot land on Carriers.

  • Sounds pretty cool but very complicated. Implamenting something like this opens up a whole can of worms becouse if you have these, what about PT boats? They were fast attack boats armed with torpedeos and depth charges. if you want these type of units you have to move the game into a 12 die system. 6 die cannot support anymore units that are currently in the game.

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