• @spectre_04:

    I don’t see any advantage to the Axis waiting to attack on J3, even in the global game.  I also usually only play 1 on 1 games so upsetting another player isn’t often an issue for me, and even so, my object is to win the game, not do whats best for just my country, but to ensure my entire SIDE has a collective victory.

    That being said, I am not saying your strategy is bad, I’m just saying it isn’t what I would do.  I think that the advantages gained by a J1 attack, including an attack on Sydney (mind you this is with the standard setup), far outweighs any threat that might be posed by the US getting their income bonus.  This isn’t a FACT, it’s just my opinion.  So if you were playing me, I am just saying that you wouldn’t even get a chance to put an IC in Hong Kong unless you got some insanely luck dice rolls on J1.

    Attack on Sydney? 1 inf vs 1 inf?

  • yep, battleship shore bombardment.  It’s a bitch move, they always take it back, and your fleet gets stranded down there, but it does get you 10 extra bucks and slows down ANZAC significantly. 
    I don’t always do it, but if I go all out I usually do.

  • @spectre_04:

    yep, battleship shore bombardment.  It’s a b**** move, they always take it back, and your fleet gets stranded down there, but it does get you 10 extra bucks and slows down ANZAC significantly. 
    I don’t always do it, but if I go all out I usually do.

    You can’t do bombardment since there’s a DD there

  • The DD is killed by my Carrier and aircraft that accompany the battleship.

  • Umm… I dont see how you would get a BB bombardment, all combat moves are made simultaniously, so you would have to move you BB into a combat situation with the ANZAC dd, there by forfiting you bombardment.

    Now explain to me how bring the US in on the first turn of the game benifits the axis as a whole? How dose having an 80IPC country being able to attack the Euro-axis and Reinforce the British in Europe and africa benifit the whole side?

  • OK Clyde,

    Because waiting, especially in the east, totally ruins you as Japan, that’s why.  You guys are way too scared of the US’s money, so scared.  Why don’t you play like you got a pair.  I still think that if you pussyfoot around in Asia to have this all precious sealion strategy pan out, your gonna end up getting clobbered after the Brits, ANZAC and US can reposition and build up in the Pacific.  Just my opinion.  I always take Hong Kong on turn 1, so only Japan would ever place an IC there if I was playing.

    Also, your right about the shore bombard rule, I checked the rulebook.  However, didn’t it used to be allowed?  As long as the Battleship didn’t participate in the sea combat, couldn’t it still bombard?? or was I playing it wrong the whole time??

  • No, the rules have always been like that, you have just been playing it wrong.

    Now, there is a difference between playing boldly, and being wreckless. Unless your playing against a total novice, which given your misunderstanding of the rules it wouldnt suprise me, a turn 1 US entry into the war equals death for the Axis. You are correct that a J1 strike gives Japan great odds, but, if you plan correctly, you can have a much more powerful and far reaching attack by waiting until turn 3. Also, by giving Germany, and more importantly Italy, 2 turns to better position and strenght themselves, you can have a far more successful game as the Axis.

    Can you please explain, in detail, what your greater axis stratgey is? How do you compensate for the sudden shift in the allied strength? How do you maximize the axis material strenght before the US’s economic strenght can be brought to bear?

  • It is amazing how when ever I press someone of detailed information, like a turn by turn move and buy list, to back some stratgey they are toting as being the best, or to atleast explain it because I dont understand it, the thread im in just dies. Like i’ve asked for too much, wanting people to back up their claims, and it really makes me wonder how many people actually test these things out, ya’know by rolling the dice, before posting.

    I have tested this out and against 2 players it worked fairly well. One player was just a novice, and I got him bogged down in China (and i had this amazing roll for the defense of Hunan it was crazy) However we were only testing and had only setup the Brits, Japan, China and the Soviets, but by turn 3 he was looking at a very tough nut to crack in HK, and a, theroretical anyway, US fleet in wake island where a naval base was to be built, and a huge stack of ftrs and Tacs in the Phillipines.

    The Second player is as seasoned as they come, and we’ve been playing against eachother for years. It worked well agaisnt him because he’s a stubborn git and refuses to build new IC’s, claiming that if he needs one he’ll just go take it from an enemy  :evil:

    The way around this stratgey is to do 2 things as Japan. 1: Make sure you can secure control of yunnan by turn 2, and 2: build a IC in FIC on turn 2, there by, you by pass the Allied position all together, and can make a run right at India and go for the Jugular.

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