• Does anyone know if the US can place a large factory on Norway? If they can, it will be difficult for the Axis to win the game… .

    Kind regards,


  • yes the us can,
    the probem is get there (in norway  :mrgreen:)

  • Getting there shouldnt be the problem, Germany cant defend Norway without distracting units from the eastern front. I dont see how Germany can win this game… . When I put all her resources to it, Germany can accumulate 74 units in R5 to attack Russia’s 85 (without Brittish help). Italy can conquer Egypt and hold on to it, but the US will either conquer Egypt back or threaten to take West or East-Germany in R7.

    Let alone if Germany makes a mistake or luck is against her when attacking Moskow… .

  • '10

    In the game we played this weekend the US built a MAJOR IC in Norway.  It was there in time to help save the Soviets I think.

  • Yes, I think building a major IC on Norway ruins the game for the Axis…

  • It is a definate threat to the germans.

    Norway builds are slow. Pretty easy after landing units in england for defense. Germany usually has a sea lion fleet in the baltic……any time america gets to trade units with germany it is a plus.

  • We have a house rule where the allies can only produce minor industries in foreign soil.  I believe someone else has mentioned this as well.  We also don’t give the Russians the 2 free infantry every round when at war.  The game is much more balanced with these rules in place.  Without these rules there is no way the axis can win against a good player as the allies.

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