• From my experience with this game it seems unlikely Russia can ever hold all of its original territories in the East.  If Russia leaves its whole stack of infantry in Amur then Japan will surely murder them with troops from Manchuria and Japan and their gigantic air force.  If Russia does the smart thing and fall back most of its troops to Buryatia then Japan will control Amur, Siberia, Sakha, and the Soviet Far East for the entire game.

    Based on the fact that Japan can take Russian territories in the East at will, it seems unlikely Russia could ever get its NOs for holding all original territories and pushing into Germany, even if it retakes all Russian territories from the Germans in the Eastern front.  Has anybody gotten these NOs?

  • I guess you are right, I totally forgot you had to own your territories too. Yep, Japan can save Germany’s rear. That makes a Sealion or American invasion more tempting now.

    They should probably just make that a Europe NO. Japan is likely to always move into one zone, just to deny this.

    Only America is likely to make it possible to collect, but that would give up the other NO until America can vacate it.

  • '10

    The US-Player can reinforce the Far East.

  • You never put all 18 troops on the border. This is certain death. I move three from Amur to Buryatia and three from Amur to Sakha. So if Japan take Amur you can counter. This leaves your 18 Inf safe and allows you to keep your far Eastern territories. It also gives Japan some breathing room so that they will leave you alone and go after China. You can then go after them when you either: Have American reinforcements or have enough troops East. You could also when they leave you go on a suicide attack through Manchuria and Korea and try and get as high an income as possible. i would not suggest this strategy though as when your units get killed Japan get Mech inf and Tanks to blitz through you Eastern territories and you end up having to proetect Moscow from two fronts. Three possibly if Italy join in. Of course since the turn order means you go straight after Germany you could always build your forces but if the Axis powers are smart they would preform a 1-2-3  puch in the following order: Japan, Italy, Germany so you can’t rebuild units you lose until all three powers have attacked.

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