• Hey guys what do you think about purchasing a naval base for central America? It looks like a good way to ferry fleets between Gibralter/US East Coast to Hawaii/US West Coast. Do you think its a worthwhile investment?

  • I suppose that it would allow you to trick your enemies by being able to go to either hawaii or Africa. However I am not sure that that trick would cause enough of a surprise against the axis to make it worth while. The one use I could see would be to have kept Hawaii and wait for the Japanese fleet to be out of range of Japan. Then jump an invasion fleet from the Atlantic to Hawaii and be able to attack Japan with an Atlantic invasion force before Japan can react any more than adding 10 units to Japan or Japanese waters. It is possible this could work but seems unlikely and so not the wisest use of your money.

    Remember that just because the US makes a ton of cash does not mean they can use it without thought. Doing so would allow the Axis to equalize incomes and cause no end to the Allies war.

  • It is only a surprise one time if the fleet all moved to sz 64 on the same turn that the Naval Base is built.    It could be interesting at the right moment in the right kind of game.  The Germans can not move troops from France to Russia as fast as the US can move thru the canal.

    Maybe a a global game in which Japan needs the Hawaiian Islands to win and the Germans can not take Moscow.

    I have faked builds on on side of the board and moved to the other in order to throw off Axis builds in other AA games.  Especially when I knew I needed two rounds to be organized.

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