Axis must send a couple Italian units into Russia!

  • Thanks to the turn order Italy then German can conduct a can opener type blitzkrieg type attack usually with Russian as the victim.

    Italy’s National Objectives lie in the Med and Africa.  They still should send a couple mech infantry and tanks into Russia.  These can open up Russia’s line allowing German tanks and mech to pour through the next turn.  Usually a good Russian player won’t let his capital fall this way but by merely pressuring it you limit Russia’s flexibility.

    ALSO Italy can take a square and then on the next German turn they can move in with not only their infantry and tanks but also their any good defending planes.

    This has to be worth a 20IPC investment.

  • I agree, but it’s hard to come up with that $20.  If the game turns out to favour the Allies, the Axis will simply not have the resources to do everything that they “should”.  Next time I’m Axis, I will make the effort to divert this force ASAP.

    A bomber build later on is nice because it can get to Africa or the Russian front.

  • 2018

    You may use the tank and the two infantries in Albania with maybe an artillery and/or an infantry from Northern Italy. This way, Italy would have done it’s part of the deal for Barbarossa and appease Hitler’s demands about it.

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