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Niagara/Hamilton Ontario Area

  • I prefer playing with real dice, there are about 6 guys down here, most work and have kids but could get a few together at once.


  • I have just discovered this site…it has already answered most of my rules questions. I havent really played a real game yet. My gf and I played incorrectly for many hours (12-14) without finishing the game. I think I have a reasonable grasp of the rules now so I just need to get some games in. I don’t mind getting thrashed early on if I can learn valuable lessons…I am in Hamilton(downtown)…but no vehicular transport at this time. I don’t have tons of time but, this game rocks, so I could probably make some (time) to play.

    p.s.- not sure how to post my email add…it is: timpaquette@hotmail.com

  • Just a thought,

    I am a bit worried from reading all these strategy posts from experienced players that if I learn, early on, from pros, I will lose out on the kind of ‘trial by fire’ learning that might be more fun. I could likely rustle up a player or two on my own who, like me, have never played. Perhaps this is my best bet at this stage. I am just worried that if I start off by learning all the ‘common wisdom’ and ‘no-brainer’ openings that I will take some of the fun out of it. If I learn from experienced players now, I might not be able to entice my (new player) friends to ever play me?

    Your advice?

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