Favorite Tank

  • Panther was designed a year after Tiger so naturally it took some lessons learned from the T34 into account. Good speed, good armor. Had a great gun itself. Tiger seems like Rommell’s blend of a bigger Matilda and his 88’s.

  • '10


    If you were a ruler of a country and wanted to build an armor force from the WWII era, which tank would you choose for the job?

    Panther G model with the T34-85 a close second.

  • One of my favorites is the E-75 Standardpanzer. Germany’s Entwicklung series was intended to have been a replacement for its existing tank designs. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entwicklung_series . The Entwicklung series tanks were intended to be simpler, easier-to-produce, more mechanically reliable versions of the tanks they replaced. The series ranged from the E-5 (5 - 10 ton light tanks and armored reconnaissance vehicles) to the E-100 (a 100 ton successor to the Maus).

    The E-75 was the intended successor to the Tiger 2 (a.k.a. the King Tiger). The E-75 was significantly better armed and better armored than the Soviets’ IS-2. However, the E-series tanks were still in the prototype phase when the war ended.

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