How do you space your european american transport fleet out?

  • Still havent played my ‘A’ game with america. As an Allied nation america has to react to the axis. My favoried idea in the game is to build an atlantic navy to obtain control of that sea then split income to go after japan typically after round four.

    Do you all build one LARGE group of maybe ten transports in the atlantic with the idea of staging units in morocco paralyzing germany with the threat of an italian takeover then landing in france or norway in mass?

    Or do you try to split your transports into two groups. Five bringing land units to england every round, the other five reapetedly dropping the precious turn’s units onto europe?

    My idea is airpower makes the second theory more attractive because a smaller landing force can take back any territory. Less than six planes for support go for the mass landing.

  • Typically I build all pacific until at war (Reasoning being: Look at Russia, she can afford to spare the extra turn or so while America handles Japan).

    Then I’ll generally always have one fleet of 3-4 transports sending men to morocco from the east coast, one fleet from morocco sending men to France (or Italy, if it’s open), and one going back to east coast.

  • Hi,
    got a little question…

    Is the US allowed to move their fleet to iceland on US3 non-combat
    (while not at war in this phase)  :?
    I know they can park of (US3) at Newfoundland an use the Naval Base (US4)
    as I do know that US ships aren,t allowed to move in Sz adjacent to europe and africa.
    But what about Iceland ?

    Moving there on US3 and you could invade norway on US4…
    Seems to be bad for Germany if its allowed  😐

  • '10

    You are not allowed to enter Seazones boarding Europe or Africa.

    Iceland belongs to Europe.

  • Iceland belongs to Europe.

    Geographicaly or politicaly ?
    Dosen´t matter anyway b/c I agree  😄

  • Geographicaly or politicaly ?

    Both (they’re in the EU, right  :-D)

  • No, they’re not

  • Thats true,
    they are only candiates for joining the EU like Turkey for example…
    I Know they Play qualification for European Soccer campionship,
    but so does Israel and turkey too… Funny Thing 😉
    Think it was intended that iceland counts to European “belonings,”
    but it would Be Nixe if Krieghund could clearifiy this b/c imo this rule applies to the European and African (contnental) mainland…

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