• I realize that a majority of people feel the game is slightly allied biased, but I myself have not played enough games yet to make such a conclusion.  So to some, an allied vicotory may be old news, but I felt I had to brag just a little about the outcome of this game.  We had six total players and I was Russia.  To make a long story short, Sea Lion failed, and Germany attacked Russia on G3.  However, since there is only a minor IC in Germany, the German player only placed 3 inf in the empty territory at the end of their turn.  On R3, I invaded Germany by sea with 1 inf, 1 tnk from Novgorod supported by 1 ftr, 1 tac from Novgorod plus the BB bombardment.  The only way I could get the aircraft there was by buying an AC in Novgorod so if I had bad dice, I was toast.  Germany did, however lose the battle along with a few others along the Soviet/Nazi border.  At the end of the turn, Russia made $98 so the Axis surrendered.  The only reason I wanted to post this was because I saw three things that I never have before: 1): Russian AC, 2): Russian amphibious assault, and 3): Russia capturing Berlin.  In the German player’s defense, it had been a long night and we were all pretty tired and needed sleep.

    What have been some of the game enders (either side) that you have seen in your games?

  • Its funny you mention that, I have been tossing around a Russian navy idea, to help UK get into the war sooner. Building in SZ 127. Storming Norway with a land force to remove 13 Berlin IPCs. Still trying to work out the kinks…i.e. not lose 🙂 I think it revolves around 1-2 transports north with a CV and DD (clears sz125), opening Denmark turn 5, and allowing a UK transport blitz on Germany. I figure you can give the axis Moscow, if you take Berlin the turn they grab your money…can you say, somebodies gonna lotto…might as well be UK 🙂

  • Nice strategic move seeing you could buy the carrier to get your plane into the battle!  Will have to remember this one for my bag of tricks.

    My buddy will sneak in that “retreat to any square you attacked from” move to get his Russian inf around the board if I flank them.

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