• Just got my copy of AAE40 and I’ve been analysing possible strats for Global. Has anyone tried going after Japan? Here’s my impression of it:


    • Declare war on Japan and invade Korea with the 6 inf from Buryatia.
    • Non-combat move 1 inf to Buryatia, the 3 planes and the 2 mech and 2 armor to the East (the ones in Volvograd to Tsinghai/Sikang).


    • Spend the 52 IPCs all on the Pacific, on naval and air units. If the Japanese fleet has moved away from SZ6, move all possible units to Hawaii with a total of 1 AC, 1 BB, 1 DD, 1 CA, 1 TRN, 1 SS, 4 BMR, 4 FTR and 3 TAC. Also move the DD and TRN from the Atlantic to SZ18 with 1 INF, 1 ART.

    Now Japan will have to deal with the Russians and the Chinese, plus the UK/ANZAC may declare war on it to preempt any Japanese moves (if it hasn’t declared war on J1) while the US is gathering a huge fleet and airforce until turn 3.

    Does this sound feasible on the long run?

  • Yes it actually happened in a game I played last night. The USA massed at Hawaii, and spent all in the pacific turn 1. Turn 2  it went with a more balanced buy, but it kept Japan from expanding as quickly as it could have. Russia also attacked Korea, and was a pest for several rounds.

    Japan attacked the UK, and USA on turn 3……but the pacific build and Russian attacks were key in slowing Japan down.

    In the end Japan held on long enough for Germany to take all three Russian factories on turn 7. The USA had a massive fleet, but Japan was still making 40 each turn, and had a massive airforce. We mock rolled the battle that would have taken place the next turn if the USA would have attacked…Japan won with 8 fighters remaining in its SZ. USA would have won the land battle if it had won the sea battle.

    Second full game of global the first was a draw slightly favoring the allies, this was the first win for the Axis.

    If USA had gone full KJF it may have been slightly harder to win.

  • I have been wanting to play that game with america. If japan goes all out after India it falls into the strategy even better.

    I THINK the US could pump troops from alaska into siberia threatening all kinds of stuff if that japanese navy wanders too far south.

    If the imperial navy stays near japan sending only a minor amount of troops to the DEI India’s air force and modest navy become more relevant. The round 4 clash between the imperial navy and the american fleet should be pretty even and america wins an even trade.

    In the atlantic would you send a bomber to england and offer a supporting destroyer and transport a turn? The British navy better have their stuff together or else germany……

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