Rules question: AAE40 German NO, requires Sweden about Pro-Allies?

  • One German National Objective requires that Sweden be neutral or axis controlled.

    What if the axis attack a neutral (Italy grabs Turkey without a fleet to use) and Sweden becomes a Pro-allies neutral. Are they still “Neutral” for the German NO, or does the German NO require Sweden to be true neutral, not allies neutral?

    “…while Sweden is either neutral or controlled by the Axis.”

    “Either” implies one of two choices, would allies neutral be a third choice and thus excluded?

    Would the axis then have to capture Sweden to regain the NO?

    Also, can a moderator create a FAQ thread that is a sticky for rules questions please? AAG40 has one, but not AAE40. Thank you.

  • I think you keep the NO until Sweden is invaded or actviated
    (when switched to Pro Allies) by an Allied Player.

    The rulebook says neutral, so IMO its no difference between Pro Axis , True Neutral or Pro Allies. They are all neutrals for this case.  :-D

  • Official Q&A

    Arminius Germanicus is correct.  Pro-Allies neutral is still neutral.

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