• I’m having trouble getting to a good mid-game as the Axis – usually after turn 5 my armies are almost completely depleted, and I’m still at a heavy income deficit.

    What reliable stategies can I use for the Axis will leave me with a relatively balanced mid-game?

    I’ve lost 5/5 games as the Axis against my roommate. He’s a competent player, especially as the Allies, but he makes mistakes, and I almost always beat him using either side in P40 and 1942.

    Neither of us knew what we were doing the first game, but I went with a conservative strategy against Russia. Germany lost steam right after taking Stalingrad. I think I needed to get my income up faster than I did, because by the time my initial armies ran out, I was still being heavily outspent.

    The next three games I tried some riskier moves (Sealion or Germany buying a yugo minor and focusing on africa), but each game went downhill early, as inevitably one of the risky early attacks would blow up in my face (I would destroy the royal navy but not take france, or I would get egypt but sealion would fail). None of the individual attacks were particularly risky, but they all had to succeed, and at least one wouldn’t.

    The last game, I went back to my roots and focused completely on Russia, building a lot of mech stacks to get the troops there quickly. Eventually, though, even the mechs take a long time to get to the front, and the British and US start landing…

  • G1 major IC in Romania.  G2 upgrade minor in berlin.  Pump out the troops?

    Nah no clue sorry mate.  But I do think the key is killing Russia quickly before the US gets heavily involved.

  • If going Russia first, I suggest a bee line straight for Moscow, the physical act of taking either of the other victory cities in Russia puts your stack 2-3 turns behind. I would start this attack no later than round 2.

    If you secure Moscow first, the other two will fall within 2 turns, as Volgograd (Stalingrad) is two turns away from Moscow, or hit it the turn after Moscow with your reinforcements that would have built up your stack. If you are lucky the Russian will make the mistake of trying to hold either city and garrison troops there that won’t be in or make it to Moscow in time as you by-pass them.

    Novgorad (Leningrad) is easy to reach by sea mid-game or with your reinforcements that would have moved toward your stack, the turn Moscow falls.

    Ideally, the other 2 cities will be vacated as Russia retreats to Moscow to force a big battle there. If not, try to capture all three the same turn if you have Egypt and are trying to end the game by cities. Otherwise, use your Moscow leftovers to grab Volgograd and focus on defensive builds that hold the 8 cities. Grab Novgorad with units that were marching into Russia or by sea if possible.

    Italy’s job will be to secure Egypt. Once they have it, it may prove possible to assign Volgograd as their next objective as they have two routes to get there. They may be busy just holding their capital, but that depends on the allied player(s). This would help Germany to keep their offensive inventory concentrated and more devastating vs Moscow.

    Unless UK1 builds transports for S. Africa it seems easy to seize Egypt even with a UK1 factory by turn I2 and without an Italian fleet as long as you had 1 transport that could send two units to Alexandria I1.

    Remember Italy can trade its capital if it means forcing the allies to commit transports (as they are now out of position) and Germany is in a position to liberate before it is upgraded to a Major Factory (two turns before it produces), this may seem silly, but if it permits you to have more Italian units in the field at Stalingrad or Egypt it may be worth it. If Rome becomes your 8th city for the win, that is much closer to Germany than Moscow.

    Some suggest sea lion is the way to go, but I think it gives Moscow too much time to build up and stall longer while the U.S. tries to win it.

    Keep trying, it may prove hard for the axis to win in Europe only. Global may be the preferred game.

  • Thanks, this is good advice.

    Do you recommend taking out the royal navy G1 or using the planes for other attacks?

    Also, Egypt has been a problem for me. In a couple games I was left with no navy whatsoever in the mediterrean. In another game, I was able to get two units over (i sent them to Trans-Jordan), but I2 Egypt attack failed. That was pretty much the end of Italy.

  • Dont be afraid to react to the allies. If england builds heavy in africa on uk1 build a couple german transports and maybe that carrier. You can threaten sea lion and take lenningrad.

  • Infantry.  Infantry infantry infantry.  Infantry.

    Turtle.  Works.

    Let Japan with its 324230874128304 planes worry about the offensive units to take Moscow.

  • Nvmd, this is the Europe game.  Infantry still works.  Just make sure you have enough art/inf to force unbalanced battles against the Reds and they’ll fall back.

  • The UK navy is deadly if allowed to sail to the Mediterranean. We played this weekend and I took Rome with UK’s 7 transports by then on round 5 or 6. The axis player was not a veteran player, but it was a wake up call to the potential headache. He used air force on France and left UK navy unmolested.

    Regarding the UK fleet: There are 5 targets I like to select from since I prefer Russia first strategy. I propose killing 4/5 of them with force (to minimize losses and maintain air power)

    Those 4 targets are the 3 DD’s around UK/Canada and the cruisers off Denmark as some subs will more likely survive turn 1 to be used to finish the job on G2.

    I place 2 subs on sz 110; 1 sub on 109; 2 subs on 106.
    I place 3 ftrs, 2 tacs on sz 110; 1 bomber sz 109; 1 ftr,1 tac on sz 112
    I place 1 Cruiser and 1 BB on sz 112. (when I win, I build 1 sub there as well in sz 113, I also build 6 mech for Russia by the way).

    With the exception of sz 106, all these battles should end after 1 combat round. If you hit average and UK fails to miss you just lose 5 4 subs and 1 cruiser. Odds are, that you only lose 2-3 subs.

    Your BB and Cruiser in 112 (plus produced sub, that may or may not defend) is bait that lets the UK finish your work for you by counterattacking that fleet with its ships and air, since the ships can’t get out of range of your likely 2-3 subs that can hit it.

    The other bait is the BB and Cruiser you left UK may entice them to pull the carrier north and build a fleet.(Possibly saving Italy’s fleet) Since you have your fleet and 2-3 subs plus your entire air force, you can attack that fleet. This keeps the UK from building much of value in Africa.

    At the very least, G2 your subs/fleet and air power finish the UK fleet and you have the full air force to use later in your main Russian offensive.

    Hope this makes sense, and helps you a bit.

    Warning: I am very conservative as dice are hot enough to burn at times, so now I use a pot holder when planning attacks.

  • @Pelanderfunk:

    Thanks, this is good advice.

    Do you recommend taking out the royal navy G1 or using the planes for other attacks?

    Also, Egypt has been a problem for me. In a couple games I was left with no navy whatsoever in the mediterrean. In another game, I was able to get two units over (i sent them to Trans-Jordan), but I2 Egypt attack failed. That was pretty much the end of Italy.

    I send them to Alexandra to keep them alive, I would only go Trans Jordan in a world where the axis air force lands on it to keep it alive and then clear Egypt by German air on G3. Not my preferred approach. I march the Libya troops towards Egypt as I sometimes get to use my Italian transport on I2 to transport the 2 infantry into Egypt I2. (Transport could live, if I sink the UK fleet in 95, nice if a cruiser gets to protect it.)

    With the force next to Alexandra and 2 fighters in N. Italy, you should be able to capture Egypt on I2. Keep marching(if no transport) the Libya troops to Egypt for reinforcements against a UK counter attack. Build a factory on I3 to help hold, maybe a transport I2 if safe.

    I responded to this separately as some ideas regarding German air force do not fit the Russia first proposal I have recommended.

  • IMO Germany has to do some things early game to have any chance at all.
    1. Take out France turn 1(or have Italy finish it off)
    1. Kill the UK fleet turn 1 and build transports to get ready for SeaLion
    2. Take London or failing that cripple the UK(with subs sitting off their coast) to the point that it becomes pretty useless.
    3. Have a large enough fleet to force Amercia to spend time building esort fleets instead of just rushing transports into Africa or Europe.
    4. Build a stack of tanks for the attack into Russia. Because if Germany doesn’t attack Russia will.

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