• In the Global part of the rule book, it says US starts at 52. And if they are at war they go up 30 more? How can anyone even deal with 82 when they haven’t even done anything yet.

  • Once the US enters the war, they’re like a ticking time bomb for the axis. If they don’t move quickly and take their victory cities, eventually they’ll have the 100+ IPC US juggernaut at their back door and the game will be over.

    Also, 82 IPCs might seem like a whole lot (and it is) but bear in mind that the US is fighting on two separate fronts and is almost single-handedly defending Britain and fighting Italy, as Britain will be almsot bankrupt by the time they enter. Also, any US units that join the war must first be transported on expensive transports, ensuring less money to fight the axis and more time to get there.

  • Wasn’t the US income in the Classic game 36IPC?  With 24IPC one hit Battleships to boot!

    IT is a ton of money.  Germany can get into the sixties.  Italy in our games has been tapping thirty itself.  Japan is all over the place.  Think I need to work out my Japanese strategy better, Make some DEI money while gaining territories in Russia

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