'Second edition' rules versus 'third edition' rules.

  • A bit of an informal poll. How often do people play with second addition rules, ie. no 2 hit BB or submerging sub? Of the 200+ games I’ve played every single one has been on a real board, real dice no 2 hit BBs and no russian first attack for the last 100 games or so. I can see how doing Pearl Harbour with 2 hit Jap BBs is nice and can see what a bitch it is getting rid of the brit fleet with the germans…. It’s a hell of a risk for the Germans to attack the brit sub with a BB and loaded xport. 33% of the time you are faced with lossing the loaded xport or BB and 1/3 of the time when this occurs the brit sub is still alive… To be honest, I’m thinking the 2 hit BB is a rather mixed blessing for both sides.


  • Seems like it to me too.

    We play w/ 2nd Edition rules w/ the exceptions of RR & Submerging Subs. A bid is getting closer…


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