Can i take over Turkey attacking from Greece?

  • … or i have to use transports?

  • Part of the Turkey territory is on the European mainland, directly adjacent to Greece. It is hard to see on the map but it is there. Therefore, you can move from Greece to Turkey using only land movement, and do not need transports.

  • Do remember though that Turkey is a true neutral and any other true neutrals would immediately join the opposing side (Sweden, Spain, Switzerland etc.)

  • attackung true neutrals is plain stupid. best way to lose a game.

  • Yes, Turkey does touch Greece (very tiny bit, but it does.)  Even though there is a canal/strait right through the middle of it, it’s considered one land territory.

    IF Germany attacks all 3 major True Neutrals on G3-4 at the same time they have a decent chance at wiping out all the true neutrals in range of being activated in Europe, and gaining +7/8 IPCs.  Check out my G3 True Neutral Crush strategy, I’ll bump it.

  • @anderb:

    attackung true neutrals is plain stupid. best way to lose a game.


    mine was only a question of “if I were to attack as I do …” neutral attack is inconvenient for both sides, especially because the axis has no men to cover additional fronts … this is clear.

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