• 1.  Who collects income from Canada?

    2.  Why does the Congo in Africa have “Administered from London”?  I thought it was assumed that the Europe side of the game is all UK and the Pacific is India, but the Congo commend confused me.

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    1.  The canadian spaces on the Europe board go to England.  The 1IC in Canada on the Pacific side go to UK India.

    2.  I believe the note was supposed to make it clearer, because some would claim that Africa is closer to India than England.

  • Congo by that time had been, actually, a Belgian colony. And sake of the German made their attack on France through Belgium, the Germans conquered it. The Belgian government went to exile, just guess where to? Righty O! London! As the Netherlands, as France, as etc. pepe. That´s it I guess.

    better now? 😉

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