Who moves the defending fighters?

  • OK, I understand that when the a/c that fighters are based on is sunk, the planes can move within 1 movement point to a safe landing zone:


    A fighter based on a defending carrier that is destroyed in combat must try to land. It must land on a different friendly carrier in the same sea zone, move one space to a friendly territory or aircraft carrier, or be destroyed. This movement occurs after all of the attacker’s combats have been resolved and before the attacker’s Noncombat Move phase begins.

    My question is WHO decides where these units land?  The owner of the planes?  I would think so, but it is not HIS turn, he is merely defending.  It’s the attackers turn, does the attacker get to move those units?

    The rule book is unclear.


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    The owner moves them.

  • thanks for your reply


    The owner moves them.

    Is this somewhere in the rule book or an official errata?

    I know you are the official answer guy, and I agree and recognize your post as the rule. 
    I was wondering if there was another source that states this rule.

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    There is no rule that states this explicitly.  However, the wording of the the rule, by explicitly referencing the attacker’s combats and noncombat movements, implies by contrast that the defender moves the fighter(s).  In addition, there is no rule that explicitly allows anyone other than the owner of a piece to move it under any circumstances.  Together, these strongly imply that it is the owner who moves the pieces.

  • Do fighters get the plus one movement if the have long range aircraft tech if their A/C is sunk.  So instead of one movement space would they receive two?

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    Do fighters get the plus one movement if the have long range aircraft tech if their A/C is sunk.  So instead of one movement space would they receive two?



    5. Long-Range Aircraft. Your fighters are now
    long-range fighters, and your bombers are now
    long-range bombers. Your fighters’ range increases
    from 4 to 6. Your bombers’ range increases from
    6 to 8.

    So Long-Range Aircarft tech only affects the initial range, adding two to it.
    (Maybe you mix it up with Global 1940 rules.)

  • P@nther, thanks for the quick reply….we are playing 1940 Global, so the long range aircraft only applies to initial movement.  The defending Aircraft from a sunk or damage aircraft carrier has a max of one movement regardless of long range tech.

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