• Hi,
    New to the Minis, played the original, 1990 vesion A&A, was also into Advanced Squad Leader, yes, I know Avalon Hill Games Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader, Arab/Israelie Wars, combine pieces, adjust……this is what I invisioned it could be…

    We, GF & I, yes, she is into it too, wanted to play A&A, old style with my rule variations…most already incorporated, but we needed a rule book…well…stuff come up and well, here we are. Ordered a starter kit, lucky to find that too, online, called around town here to find anything, and Saturday was chasing 'em down, found some good shops too, even opponents when we are there, and now we find this site and a lot of posts are a bit old, good info, but we want some current info…PLEASE help us…lol

    One more tidbit of info as to how we found our way here…it all started with Chess, a curious mind… and a Simpson’s Chess Set…it was the molding…neat lookin pieces…and this game has it!!!

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