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    What is your experience in having the AXIS wait for turn 3 & 4?  Is an early AXIS attack beneficial or harmful?

    Having one AXIS make an aggressive move may lead to all-out-war for the other members of the Alliance?

  • Japan has the most to gain from early attacks and German and Italy the most to lose.  It could be argued that if Japan attacked early and then sent most of their fleet/airforce to hit the US it might even out but probably not.

  • Yeah the eralier Japan attacks the worse off Italy and Germany are. It makes it tough to take Russia when you have to immediately worry about the US taking out Italy, and or going for Europe.

    Not fun at all.

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    I think the earlier Japan attacks, the less helpful it is for the Axis.  I think many players will carry over a KGF strategy from AA50, right or wrong.  As such, Germany and Italy would be in trouble with a J1 attack against the Allies.  If a KGF is applied, then Japan can afford to hold off a couple of turns, as there’s little pressure from the US.

    Yes, Japan will make better gains the sooner they attack, and allowing India to get some of the DEI money makes it harder for them, but it’s nothing they can’t overcome with the right slow-play.  Pulling the trigger early will most likely hurt more than help.  You have to be close to countering the US’s 82ICs when you attack, and on Round 1, the Axis are nowhere close.

  • It would be nice if the US had a split income like UK….with the N.O. spent in either theatre
    Keeps it a little more balanced, but gives the US a chance to go more one way then the other.  Just my opinion…

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    These arguments are mostly what I was thinking…  In this game the Axis must plan together more than ever.  One aggressive move by one during the first three turns (or against a Neutral throughout the game) really can have an effect on the others.

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