Simple solution for long Global 1940 games

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    The game features double the sea zones and 50% more land areas…

    All land units in NCM move double

    Air units in NCM move +2

    Sea units in NCM from ports move 4 spaces…with the following exceptions: from now on sea zones get tokens to designate control. The last player to move keeps control, so the 4 move cannot enter areas controlled by other players. You must capture the sea zone in order to move in it in NCM.

  • Does a ship have to stop in a enemy controlled sea zone that is empty of enemy ships in its combat move, or can it take control of sea zone and continue on into another sea zone into combat. like tank blitzing?

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    Its like Tank Blitzing. If the SZ has an enemy token but unoccupied, IN NCM you must stop. Only in combat can you blitz into two empty zones.

    The map will look more like a history book showing the control of sea zones. I guess you need more tokens.

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