• Ok - I am quite an idiot when it comes to programming, but….

    If all planes and ships had there movement increased by +1…(allows enough for bases)

    a version of AAG40 could be made on the TripleA engine… (with updated pcs like cruisers, etc.)

    Convoys could be edited out…

    Everyone would be on their Honor regarding all of this of course…

    at least it would be something…

    Don’t get me wrong - battle map is cool, but not nearly as fluid as TripleA…

    Go ahead…I am ready for the flaming to begin…

  • Customizer

    ya, the planes could all be increased in movement by 1, that would basically make it similar to aabattlemap in that you are on your honor of where you move stuff to.

    convoys and the specific rules of air scrambling, as well intercepting and escorting, are still waiting on java programming.  if anyone knows java and wants to help, we need you.

    i am going to page crystalct and ask him to put together a black and white png of the territories for europe, cus if that is done i can throw together both europe and global in about an hour each.

  • TripleA

    we really need triplea.

    battlemap takes sooo long to type out moves.

  • I’d like to play either 😕

    Due to me moving to another city for study purposes, I couldn’t try the new global game yet 😞

  • have you considered posting a help wanted ad in a java development forum?  tons of people out of work in the programming field who would like to keep fresh…

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