• Let me see if I understand this right.

    Scenario 1: An American Carrier loaded with an American Fighter and an ANZAC Tactical Bomber is attacked by a Japanese Sub.  If the sub rolls a hit then both planes have 1 movement point to find someplace to land?

    Scenario 2: A British Carrier, a British Fighter from 4 squares away (no movement points left) and a Russian Fighter and a British Destroyer move in to attack two German subs off German Norway.  The British kill the subs with their Fighter and the Destroyer.  The Russian Fighter is along for the ride.  German subs roll snake eyes.  The British choose the Destroyer as a casualty and take a hit on the Carrier.  The Russian plane is then trapped on the Carrier.  The British Fighter can no longer land on a damaged Carrier and has no movement points to choose where to go?

    This move is legal even though the British player “knows” it kills his plane and has other options?

    Scenario 2a: If that British Fighter had 2 movement points left I assume it could use them both to find a landing spot?

  • I think 1) is no. I’m pretty sure  the ANZAC plane is cargo and goes down.

  • I think 2) and 2a) are correct.

  • Official Q&A

    Your understanding is correct, MarkVIIIMarc.  However, in scenario 2 the UK player has no casualty options that won’t result in stranding the fighter.  Since sub hits must be taken on sea units, the only casualty options are the one you chose or taking both hits on the carrier, dooming both fighters.  At any rate, taking the hit on the carrier and stranding the fighter is always an option.

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