• i dont know if this has been done before???..…i have just finished reading orwells classic 1984(for the 6th time),and i was thinking it would make a great AA variant,with 3 huge super powers all at war with each other,makeing peace treatys and stabbing each other in the back,lots of fun.This would be a 3 player game,with the main 3 powers fighting for control of the disputed area.This would make a great global 40 varient

    1…Oceania (ideology: Ingsoc, i.e., English Socialism) comprises Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Polynesia, Southern Africa, and the Americas.

    2…Eurasia (ideology: Neo-Bolshevism) comprises continental Europe and northern Asia.

    3…Eastasia (ideology: Obliteration of the Self, i.e., “Death worship”) comprises China, Japan, Korea, and Northern India.

    4…disputed area The perpetual war is fought for control of the “disputed area” lying “between the frontiers of the super-states”, it forms “a rough parallelogram with its corners
    at Tangier, Brazzaville, Darwin and Hong Kong”, thus northern Africa, the Middle East, southern India and south-east Asia are where the super-states capture slaves
    The three states are in a perpetual state of warfare – sometimes two against one, sometimes all three against each other. These wars are fought in the disputed territories, running from North Africa over the Middle East and southern India to Southeast Asia.


  • I think Eastasia is way too small.

  • I think Eastasia is way too small.

    I know,its like that in the book,they can be made bigger,by giving them control of some disputed zones,at the start of the game,it needs to be balanced,the map is just a guide

  • Great idea one of my fav books growing up. I dont know if eastasia is too small, area wise it may be sdmalle but it contains some of the most populous regions of the world , large portions of India, China, Japan, the Koreas.

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