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Looking for aaglobal1940 players in the detroit area (adult please)

  • Hi live in the Novi area and have a great setup to play the game but need some experienced competition, beating  my teenage sons only causes headaches, lol    i am 45 and would prefer playing against another adult

  • still following this page?  I live in Brighton and am experienced in the new Axis and Allies as well as the old edition, I’ve never played aa global 1940, but am interested in learning how.


  • email me at brian48116@gmail.com  I don’t come here that often

  • 2017 2016 Customizer

    Still looking? I’d be interested in playing! I cannot seem to find any players in my area. (west Michigan) My daughter lives in Wixom so I’d have a couch to stay on in that area. I’m 48 and a “veteran” of about 12 games of global w/ my sons. I turned my basement into a gaming room for the game. I, like you, am looking for a good opponent. Contact me at maddog77@charter.net if you’re still interested.

    Regards, Steve

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