• Does the set up errata for Pacific 1940 apply to Global 1940?

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  • So to play Global one must do the following:
    1. Follow the AAP40 Rules.
    2. Follow the 7 pages of AAP40 errata.
    3. Follow the AAE40 rules.
    4. Follow the AAE40 errata that is presumably coming out soon.
    5. Follow the “Global Rules” section of the AAE40 rules.
    6. Follow the AAG40 errata that is presumably coming out soon.
    7. Play with Larry’s alternate setup rules posted on his web site.

    I would find it a convenience worth paying for if there was a single PDF or booklet for the AAG40 rules.  I find it very difficult to play while digging through nearly 100 pages of rules in five different publications.


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    While I agree that a consolidated rulebook would be ideal, following the global game rules isn’t really as daunting as you make it sound, Craig.

    The six and a half pages of global rules on pages 31-37 of the Europe Rulebook supercede the politics and National Objectives rules regarding powers from both Europe and Pacific, so you don’t need to consult those rules at all for that.  Regarding general game mechanics, the Europe rules are the same as the Pacific ones, so you only need to consult the Pacific rulebook for two specific things that are unique to Pacific: China and kamikaze.  That’s a total of two pages (actually one and a quarter) that you need from that Rulebook.  As for the Pacific FAQ, only the setup and map errata and those questions dealing with China and kamikaze are relevant.  Everything else is covered in the Europe rules, and all of the rules errata have been incorporated there.

    So, while you do need to consult four different sources, the actual relevant material is not that difficult to sift through and totals around 40 pages.

  • Has the official Pacific new setup already been published?

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    No.  I don’t expect it to be official for several weeks.  There’s a lot more testing yet to do.

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