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    Just playtested a round of A&AE40.

    The UK-Player has to be the most experienced one.

    Think, as the UK-player, you can’ avoid two things in turn 1:

    Produce a minimum of 5 infantries in UK and attack the italian fleet, otherwise you loose Egypt in turn 1.

  • Yeah I definitely agree. The UK is between a rock and a hard place the first few rounds. It has to be on a Sea Lion lookout, and cause pain to the Italians. You have to walk a fine line. We just started a 2 player global game (I’m axis). W/Germany I went navy, and built a carrier and 2 tpts (Sea Lion threat). The UK did its inf build as usual. Then he pulled a strange move and attacked both the Italian navies ? (sz97 w/cruiser & ftr, and sz95 w/carrier & tac). He decided to take the Gib dd to England (block). I was kinda shocked, but both battles were close. UK had just the cruiser left in sz 97. The sz 95 battle actually went 3 rounds (we were both cursing the dice). I ended up w/just the Italian BB (damaged), and he lost both units. He also brought some inf and planes to Africa from India (which I know will cost him dearly when Jap gets going). As Italy I bought a tpt and saved the rest (probably should have bought a DD). With those damn Indian ftrs in Africa (and control of the Suez) he has made it so I can’t get to Egypt or TJ via amphib (he would attack/destroy whats left of my Italian navy). So with having just the Italian BB/tpt left it, it will take awhile for the Italians to get going. Hope they are on the right track before US gets involved. Germany is taking Greece (access to the Med), in case Italy needs help. Then theirs always Jap, that I think will get India quite easily now.

  • I toyed around with it in playtests. Although unlikely, the risk of reinforcing France with 3 UK fighters and 1 tactical bomber remains. It may be enough to force a G2 taking if they are positioned for it. Remember, if the 3 fighters and tactical bomber keep France, expect 5 more French Units on round 2.

    Italy has 7 units I believe that can hit France. Assume Germany gets France down to 3 units and then its a 7 on 7 unit fight. For Germany to get lower than 3 units in France, you would need some precision dice rolling and risk taking France anyway.

    The benefits are either more land and air units, or a big Italian navy round 2. I avoid the navy option as I can’t see building enough ships to stop the U.S. fleet with its production advantage.

    The biggest drawback I found was not being able to use the extra major factory for Germany, W.Germany fills up fast with later round buys if you are going defensive…without France or another factory site, you are capped at 13 piece builds for Germany. Italy already has a 13 piece cap, giving them 23 pieces production capacity does not line up with their income. (They are not likely to have 42 or more IPCs a round for that 14th unit or more build.)

  • With this version the UK probably will be my favourite country (it always was Germany or Japan). The UK is crucial. More so then any other allied country.
    If the Axis leave the UK most of their lands then the UK can stage invasions more effective then the US. On the other hand, if the UK loses most of its ships, getting ass kicked in Africa and Middle East then the Axis have won halve the game IMHO.

    Yesterday I won a (global) game as Axis because I kept on kicking the Brits. European UK income was only about 15. When I kicked their fleet (at a cost of my complete sub fleet and airforce, except for 1 bomber) they were literally out of the game. The US taking Morocco, Normandy and even Norway couldn’t prevent my Germans to take Moscow and my Italians to take India.

  • What the UK does is based on what they have left. Their fleet in the Med should run and hide if Germany kills the RN in the channel. Then they should build up to defend England and screw africa. Honestly the UK only cares about africa AFTER England is safe. Otherwise taking africa falls to the USA player.

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