Axis domination for how long?

  • I played AAR recently and Axis dominated for 1 and a half rounds before the allies started to challenge Germany.

    How long do the Axis dominate before the allies destroy them? Thats assuming an Allied victory obviously the Axis can win but it is hard without Dice luck and successful SeaLion.

    AAR on R2 they SU turtled
    G3 the Germans realised D-Day was happening on UK3 they had to attack a 25 strong R inf stack with 5 Arm, 3 Art, AA and 2 Fig

    The UK took France US reinforced them. Then on UK 5 after Germany had turtled with 45 INF in Germany and 25 INF in Italy the allies planned on a 1-2-3 punch with Uk attacking Germany killing 20 INF and then retreating the US however could not preform the next attack as Japan was threating and the previous turn so they built units in the Pacific. The SU then took Germany cause of good dice luck and then the G6 rome’s stack retook the capital then UK took Rome UK6 and on SU7 Germany was defeated meanwhile US took Japan destroyed Japan in Alaka and Canada. They took Manila and won.

    My questions are:

    How many rounds before the Axis get put on the back foot?
    Is D-Day as effective in G’40 as it is in revised?
    Do the French help when they get liberated?
    Finally Can the Allies 1-2-3 Punch Berlin after West Germany is taken?

  • Your first question depends heavily on what turn you attack the US and USSR. I always wait for as long as I can, so I have time kicking UK fleet, build up massive armies in the east and take Yugo, Greece and pro-axis.

    The French helped today. Germany was pounding Russia really hard and moved everything east to keep the pressure on. The western allies took Normandy and France. I was unable to take back France, because of the 4 French inf and a massive landing of allied aircraft. I never got it back and because of that I had to stack dozens of units in the west which gave Russia some breathing room. Unfortunately for the SU it was too late. I eventually took Moscow while Italy took India.

  • Customizer

    In my first Europe game, the Allies won after 16 rounds.  When the US liberated France, giving them 4 extra men and their economy back, they did help by attacking and taking Western Germany.  The next round, USA was able to move through Western Germany and take Berlin.  Germany was not able to properly defend it’s territories, even Germany itself, because of so much stuff committed to the Eastern Front.  Moscow did eventually fall, but it took Germany a long time to get there and cost them a ton of units in the process.  Plus, the very round Moscow fell, the US took Berlin.
    One strange thing about this game was that London was never liberated.  Once Germany took London, they built a strong force of infantry there and the US decided to bypass that to take Rome, liberate Paris and go after Berlin.  The German navy was decimated and the Atlantic was totally controlled by the US so all those troops on England were pretty much stuck there.  On the very last round, after taking Berlin, the US had enough forces left in the area and they liberated London.  Technically the game was over though because the final German round to see if they could retake their capital had passed.  It was really impossible for the Germans to retake Berlin because what was left of their forces were way east in Russia.
    In my second Europe game, the Axis won in 8 rounds.  So with those two games, it kind of goes along with history.  Shorter game/war, Axis victory.  Longer game/war, Allied victory.  One big thing that did the Axis in was that they were planning on a short, quick war to achieve their goals.  When the war dragged out, the greater Allied industrial and mineral resources told.

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