Where is the US allowed to move before declaring war?

  • Our group has been allowing the US to sit in the middle of the Atlantic prior to declaring war but forcing them to stay out of sea zones bordering Europe and even Africa.

    Does the spirit of this rule mean we should not allow the US Pacific fleet to sit off any of the Pacific Islands which aren’t theirs?

  • I think the U.S. units can pretty much go anywhere.  They are neutral so they ignore ships of countries that are at war.  Once someone declares on the U.S. each sea zone they are in becomes hostile and the enemy is allowed to engage them.

  • The limited fleet access rule is only for the Europe board. US ships can’t border Europe or Africa, but it can move freely in the Pacific.

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    GrizzlyMan is correct.  The politics in the two Theatres are different, as the US had more interests to protect in the Pacific.

  • So pretty much the US is not allowed to move anywhere in the Atlantic before they are at war… 😛  Not exactly, but almost.

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