• what happens if by the 5th turn or so, we run out of pcs to use and chips to stack? does the rules allow for us to maybe use other items as markers? when we play and we run out of chips, we use a flag marker and flip it (this counts as 10). are we doing this wrong? after all purchases have been made, does it mean we cant buy more pcs until they become available (when pcs are lost after battle)? please clarify…thanks

  • You can have as many chips under the plastic units as you want. If you run out of chips you can use anything as substitute (using the flag marker is a good idea).
    However, the number of groups of units is limited by the number plastic units, but not the number of units per group. For example, you can have at most 2 stacks of bomber, unless you buy another set of plastic units.

  • Maybe fight before turn 5 ? That would bring back some counters at least 🙂 🙂

  • @F_alk:

    Maybe fight before turn 5 ? That would bring back some counters at least 🙂 🙂

    Yeah, have you done any battles by turn 5? What’s your situation like by turn 5, usually? Are the Axis and Allies economies more or less balanced? Open things up with UK, Japan and/or US to break the stalemate. 😄

  • just imagine the fights that would ensue w/ that large of armies^_^
    thinks back to 200 zerglings against 200 zealots

  • Get the A-bomb (see how did you first learn about A&A in general discussion)! :lol:

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