• -USA ‘at war’ cannot go into Dutch territories (incl Surinam) if they are still Dutch?
    -USA ‘at war’ cannot go into FIC

    Yes, it can.  It just can’t take control of them unless recapturing them from the Axis.

    The rule book says, for both U.K. and ANZAC that “[they] may, however, move units into Dutch territories as a noncombat movement at any time, as long as those territories have not been captured by an Axis power.  It may actually take control of Dutch territories  (gaining their IPC income) by moving land units into them.”

    1. So, even if the Dutch territories are NOT being held by Axis, then the UK or ANZAC can claim them.  The US, however, cannot claim them unless it is both at war AND they are recapturing them from the Japanese.  Is this correct?

    2. Additionally, since a Japanese attack on the Dutch brings the UK and ANZAC to war, and an unprovoked DoW by Japan on UK or ANZAC brings the US to war, if the Japanese attack the Dutch, without the UK or ANZAC having started the fight, then they will bring the US to war?

    3. Can Japan and the USSR  declare war on each other at any time without affecting anyone else?


  • Yes to all

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