• i think that each country could have one characteristic weapon, like for example:

    Germany, a more powerful and fast battleship (Bismarck type)
    Japan, kamikaze planes (don’t have to land after an attack)
    USA, faster and cheaper tanks (Sherman type)
    USSR, hidden submarines
    UK, effective fighter planes

    well, I don’t know… it’s just an idea.

  • if u mess to much w/ the battle system u make the game even more unbalanced against the axis

  • don_ knows!

  • Cool concept–I question your initial choices tho:

    1.) Bismarck was pretty fast, but NOT the most powerful BB afloat. As in WWI, in WWII Germany’s big ships were designed along the lines of “more speed, more armor, less firepower”. The most modern, heavy BBs of most fleets generally outgunned the “Bismarck”…

    2.) Japan-only kamikazes is an intriguing idea. A & A “kamikazes” work a little different than the real-life ones though & are less scary…

    3.) “US faster & cheaper tanks?” --& crappier! If US gets a tank advantage, Germany & USSR deserve the same treatment–only better!

    4.) Describe “hidden submarines”…

    5.) Describe “effective FTR planes”…

    Interesting idea. Anything that increases the historical value is cool, unless it totally f**ks up game balance…


  • You’d have to pick some advantages and choose to ignore other ones advantages. Japan started out with better FTRs. Then US & UK improved FTRs. Finally, Germany had the great ones … just not enough soon enough!

    Just one example …

  • I have to agree with Don. We tried paratroopers, cost 1 IPC more than INF, a bomber can fly 1 and NOT attack. We had to have the paratrooper have ZERO offense when air dropped and still it changed the game too much. Island hopping? Why not drop paratroopers with a ftr or two.

    What DO you do to balance the game, bidding I guess but never tried it…… Yet.


  • So does Paratroopers just screw up the game, or does it add a fun new element? I wouldn’t use it as a general rule, but looks like it might be fun for a 1-shot…


  • Paratroops just seemed to really change the game, we never played it often enough however. It really hurt the japs as the US could take island too easily. Having the germans drop 1 infantry/round into africa with no way to stop it sucked. Even if you put a piece out for defence, 1 paratroop infantry and a few fighters hurts. Germany kept taking libya, the allies need 6-8 dudes to defend against 1 bomber, 1 paratrooper and a few fighters. If the germans take africa, then with a bomber in French W. Africa they could take brazil…. Maybe it should be tried a few times to iron out some issues? I’m convinced that as is, the game is fairly slanted to the Allies. Nothing but bidding seems to address this fundemental flaw.


  • B_B_ 'n me agree! 😮 😉

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