• For our first game, we wanted USA to stay out as long as we could. We just ended turn 3. So far, the British destroyed a major German fleet on their first turn, destroyed the Italians at alexandria on their second turn. the Russians, captured Korea on their first turn, but the Japanese repelled them, and crushed their forces at Amur. however, the British are giving problems to the Japanese in the Pacific. the Germans cancelled Sea Lion and started their slow march to Moscow. the Italians are almost out of Africa. USA will start their attack in the forth turn. We will finish the game next weekend, or the weekend after.

  • Is it still interesting to keep playing, instead of investing that time in a new go?

    Sounds like Germany will never make it in time to Moscow, Italy is crippled and Japan struggling too. And all this without the Americans who by now will send their massive fleets to kick Axis butts even more.

  • I have a plan that might work…we’ll see.  I am going for the one-two German Italian punch on Moscow. americans won’t lend anywhere yet. I have two turns. Maybe theree because we have Gibraltar.

  • good luck with that

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