How long do your global games typically last?

  • I want to put one together when I have the time and I’d like to know what you guys estimate the average number of turns to be and the average number of hours so I know how much time to budget.

  • It lasts about the same amount of time that it takes to grow a beard.

  • Depends on whether you go ‘all the way’ or stop when the war is irretrievably turned in one sides direction.

    First game I was in lasted 9 hours until it was abandoned (allied advantage was insuperable).

  • @BadSpeller:

    It lasts about the same amount of time that it takes to grow a beard.

    Some men shave more often then others….

  • my group’s first game of global is 23 hours (and counting)!!!

  • My only global game so far lasted 4 hours before the Axis gave up.

  • First Europe game; 9 hours. But we talked, went through rules, ate, drinked and farted.

    My feeling is that Europe shoudl take 4-6 hrs, global 5-8.

  • Do you all think AA50 and Global should take the same time…?

  • @sala33:

    Do you all think AA50 and Global should take the same time…?

    nobody with IQ higher than 5 does…

  • I have played 5 games so far.  Two games had  axis concessions within in 8 hours.  Two games were called a draw after 15 hours and the other game was somewhere in between.

  • We’ve played one so far and it lasted about 5 hours. Germany took England on G2 and we played a few turns out past that before the Allies figured it was hopeless and surrendered.

  • I started a game in the morning of August 25th, it’s now been seven days and I’m on Italy’s turn in the fourth round.  I have no kids or cats at home to destroy the board so I got it set up on my dinning room table and the room stays closed off from traffic.  Told my wife that it’s not the Dinning Room anymore, it’s the War Room.  I’m just playing by myself taking lots of time to think of the best moves to make.  It’s been very interesting.  Right now it’s leaning twards an Axis victory but the tide may change.  I’m at that teetering point of the game, could go either way.  I had found a couple of mistakes I made along the way, the biggest one was not understanding at first that the UK now has Canada to help get a ships in the water, (was still thinking old game).  A strange start also because Paris refused to fall to the Germans.  It’s sometimes amazing how many times the dice can be so one sided.  France couldn’t roll anything but ones and twos.  I would have been better playing Yatzee cause I think they got two of them.

  • '10

    Our first game of Global ran twelve hours–I want to say it was about nine rounds.  Didn’t play it all the way out, but Axis had pretty much run out of momentum, so we called it.

  • 1st game I won on G3 with UK takeover. It took about 4 hours. 2nd game we called a draw(i believe i was ahead as axis). It was 2AM and we were too tired to continue. That game was about 8 rounds. Italy was kicking A@#, they had run out of roundels!!

  • So….no one has finished a game yet…(myself included)

  • First weekend, played 3 games, with 4 different people. (Sat, Sun, and Monday)

    Game 1: (Europe only) I took UK [as Germany round 4 with 11 transports as he built all infantry first game. I was about to give up around turn 9 as Russia was a wall, and the U.S. was staging in Gibraltar. However, the allies didn’t wait until round 9 to land, they landed in round 5 or 6 at Norway. Germany’s 11 transports were able to retake it from the 18 troops landed. I later told him, he could have waited 2-3 turns and dropped off 40+ units….a number I could not have defeated with 11 transports. He even later (turn 7 or 😎 liberated UK as I only had 22 units on it (he landed 24 units plus 5 air). But that just let UK grab enough money as I easily retook it before they could produce, when the U.S. was sending back their transports for a refill. (The new ones could only bring 8 units to my 22 (had to spend a turn building them). He later conceded out of frustration from the two major landings. But I had no way to win, as Russia had twice my units on the board and Italy was below 11 IPCs with fleets in my convoy zones.

    Time started 2:30 pm, time concluded 11:30ish…much talking, debating and rule checking.

    Game 2: (Global) I won as the allies on turn 2 or 3 when the German’s declared war on Russia. I had Russia take Empty Denmark (instead of Empty Germany), then had UK transport 2 infantry to Germany through the now allied control Danish straight. I wanted UK to get the money. 🙂  He figured that W. Germany was the capital since it had the Major factory. I did the Danish assault to drive home the importance of sinking the Russian fleet when you declare war. Just chalk that one up as getting use to the new map and the logic of sticking the axis capitals away from the major factories.

    Time started 5:45pm, time concluded 11:45ish…much talking, distractions and debates.

    Game 3: (Europe) I won as the allies. Germany wanted to do UK first, since I learned in game 1 that land units cannot hold UK and that a large number of the German land units will survive (13-15 out of the 40 landed) to be shipped back to Russia. I chose to hold off the invasion in the sea battles that followed. I realized after two games, that UK worrying about Africa or the Italian fleet is pointless as the allies just need to have the U.S. stage one giant invasion fleet off of Gibraltar for the first 10 turns, then take Rome or Norway for the factory sites. So I moved the carrier to engage the German fleet and built navy. He was down too many German air units as UK rolled well against the too many navy attacks that had too few pieces to end the battles in 1 round of combat during turn 1. I massed 32 Russians in Eastern Poland waiting for round four war and he conceded as UK first failed and there were maybe a dozen units he could put in Germany to protect from the 32 Russians who moved next door (Slovakia) on round 4. The fleet battles were glorious though.

    Time started: 2pm, time concluded 5:30ish, then we reset up the board and spent 2 hours discussing future strategies and optimal first turn moves. Later concluded that declaring war on Russia turn 1 seems necessary as its a race to get 8 cities before Uncle Sam sits on the board. Besides you cannot gain 8 cities taking UK without getting Egypt and 2/3 of the Russian ones and UK is as easy for the US to reach from Gibraltar as Rome, N. Italy, Normandy, and W. Germany are…all factory sites.

  • @GrayBlaZe:

    I’m just playing by myself taking lots of time to think of the best moves to make.

    And I thought I was the only one who did that.
    Who knew!!!

  • I’m part of a game group that plays only axis and allies games; we have very few “new bees” to A&A.  Our group played the global game for the first time last weekend.  We had two tables set up each with a game of global on them.

    Table one had the same 4 players on it the entire time.

    Table two had two of us on it the entire time, and 4 people rotated in and out of the game as the day went on kind of like a LONG tag team wrestling match!

    We started set up at noon, started playing at 2 pm due to the fact the most players had never seen the board or the set up or read through he new rules before.

    I kept logs of the games, time each round took to play, IPC collected, bonus, IPC, facility repairs, convoy disruptions, etc, etc, etc. NO…I’m not an accountant just a stats freak and…Well… an AA junkie!


    Both games started being played at 2 pm, and both games ended at midnight.  SO, both games lasted for 10 hours and both games made it to the 10th round.  One of those games was no where NEAR being finished and the other game just lost Italy to the USA and looked like it was going to be over in a few more turns.

    Next week end we are starting at 11 am Saturday morning and players are encouraged to stay till their eyes bleed or the sun comes up Sunday morning (which ever comes first).  Should be a LONG war, but it promises to be a great time!  I’ll let you know how those games go and how long they last.

  • Well about 10-20 turns

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