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Japan strategy

  • I’ve played Japan in global yesterday ( with the new setup but no NO for not being at war) and ive made several mistakes , half of my fleet was destroyed by British who saved the bb, build a navy and attacked me around Malaya J2 ( no USA DOW then) my carrier was empty and he rolled some good dice. Then anzanc with the new port in New south wales attacked my little fleet ( Full carrier and destroyer) killed them all with good dice too. In Asia i was strong, China was dead and i managed to destroyed the russians in the far east, India was under attacked, killed all the planes and my army was advancing. The fact is, Japan got difficulty to take teirs No’s and Anzac is way stronger witht his setup. Americans are comin in and with my fleet destroyed ( i rebuilt but, you know, USA got more money :mrgreen:) i was having bad time protecting my Asia coast. Built to minor Ic in Asia but the fact is…

    Uk and Anzac declared war on me J2 before USA DOW, but my pants were down ( not used to the new setup, especially the port in New South Wales)

    Some tried this setup in Global?

    Or some one just have some Japan strats to share with us?

    Didnt really know when to declared war, my allies were handfull in Europe and didnt know where to put exactly my fleet to get the best options.

  • I’m thinking the only good options for Japan are a turn 2 attack or turn 3. Although I have little desire to try a J3 attack. Gives the Allies in the pacific to much time to dick around.

  • Kill Anzac First!!!

  • @mwindianapolis:

    Kill Anzac First!!!

    Thats what I’d do, then UK, then “try” to fend off USA

  • @Napoleon:

    I’ve played Japan in global yesterday ( with the new setup but no NO for not being at war)

    I’ve lost count on how many “new setups” there are for the eastern theater.  Did you remove the 14 aircraft before starting?  That’s the most recent experiment.

    There’s little reason for UK NOT to attack on turn 2.  Japan has already moved and it’s guaranteed to attack in J3 if it has not done so.

    “When” to attack for the Japanese is the most crucial question.  The longer you can delay it the better it is for Germany and Italy, but not for Japan.

    I’m more curious how everyone destroys China so fast.  They must be silly and take in on the chin in Yunann exchanges.  You have to garrison Manchuria and if the Chinese player falls back rather then fights - there’s alot of Chinamen very shortly.

  • I want to try doing Pearl Harbor and forcing the Amercians to Spend money in the Pacifc.  It will slow Japan down but will also decrease the force in which American can show up in Europe.  It would be hard for America to retake the island if Japan reinforced it with Fighters that could be scrambled.

  • @Chompers#2:

    I want to try doing Pearl Harbor and forcing the Amercians to Spend money in the Pacifc.  It will slow Japan down but will also decrease the force in which American can show up in Europe.  It would be hard for America to retake the island if Japan reinforced it with Fighters that could be scrambled.

    I agree with you about taking US focus off Europe is a good strategy. I havent played Global yet but taking Hawaii might be a viable and demoralizing move to pull on your US opponent, actually being able to hold it might be alot harder than your making it sound. Any good US player will bring the full economic hammer down on a Japanese occupied Hawaii 2 SZ away from its mainland and you think you can hold that? With your main supply lines 4 SZ away that is quite a feat. At best you will spend every last dollar trying to hold it and US will outspend you in the end. Better strategy, hit the US fleets were ever you can and fall back. hit and run is the best strategy let the US sail across the Pacific and come after you in your territory

  • I’d personally go for a turn 2 war dec, with a J3 India crush, J4 at the absolute latest.  If UK pulls back planes/whatnot eat up more of the DEI on turn 2/3.  You still want India to fall on turn 3.  If the US ignores you at least get Pearl and some boats doing some convoy disruption and start working on ANZAC while pushing after Africa.

    As far as China, just take Yunnan turn 1 and place a crapton of planes down there.  On turn 2 retake Yunnan and air strafe China’s inf stack in Szechwan to kill there inf stack.  At that point china is reduced to nothing dangerous.

    After that decide on hitting the US hard with a ground invasion, or going after africa/russia hard in the middle of the board.  With 4 IPC mech inf, and a 70 IPC income russia is going to cry, as far as the US with a naval base in Alaska and a major IC in Korea and/or Manchuria your talking a 20+ unit shuck, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

    If the allies go hard after you, then you just need to stand your ground using Phi and Japan as staging zones to keep hold on the DEI/India.  If the US spends less than 40-50 a turn they cannot compete and you can smash them and continue with the other objectives, if they do spend 50 a turn then pray the Germans/Italians do something good.

  • It would be very hard to take Hawaii back as US if Japan wanted to hold.  It is only 3 sea zones from Japan sea zone 6 (Japan also has a navel base so it is one turn of movement) and Japan could fly 300 points of planes in there to defend it along with its huge navy.  Also defender of the base has the advantage because Japan could scramble all those fighters that would defend on a 4 while the figthers US brings to the attack would hit at a 3 plus the Japan Air Craft Carriers would defend on a 2 while the US air craft carriers would have no attack value.  It would be part of a J1 attack so Pacific Britian would be reduced to very little points.  It would expand Japan more slowly but India would still fall to a major industrial complex on the mainland.

    US would have to spend all its points for many turns to and it would have to build carriers for all its fighters to invade.  Japan could fly in fighters each turn to fortify it and it would cost them less than the points america would have to spend.  So the downside is Japan expands more slowly but ties america down and does not allow them to send almost anything to Europe or they give up Hawaii to Japan.  Plus is the US player did not try to take back Hawaii it could be a launching pad to San Fran at some point in the game. I think it is easier to hold Hawaii than take over Moscow.

  • Please playtest and post results. I never had much luck trying this strategy but it  might be different in Global. If it works, Jap bombers could reach W US and that would be dangerous for US

  • Japan should try and protect itself  if it takes Hawai. The british will send big attacks from india into Japanese controlled Chinese territories trying to create a pathway between shanghai and india.

    KAF could be a viable strategy if you don’t do pearl harbour but it allows Britain the major threat to build an army and make India hard to take if Britain build a lot of infantry. KUKF would be more viable and then just pick the ANZAC’s of at you leisure. Maybe preform pearl harbour a little later as the US will look to attack the European Axis’ weak underbelly Italy and you can attempt to make them draw there forces back to the pacific by taking Hawai and threating San Fransisco maybe making Sea Lion more viable as the U.S might not want to risk lossing their territories attempting to liberate the UK. This also means that the Germans don’t have to be as worried about becoming a turtle and can attack the SU.

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