• What are some special strategies you guys have done in the Global game so far to set up moves?

    Personally, I’m in love with a Russian strategy I’ve made. I’ve even named it!

    The Bryansk Elastic Defence

    Every turn I try to put at least 3 mech infantry and a tank in Bryansk. From there, they can launch a counterattack against any point where Germany chooses to invade the Soviets upon their DOW, meaning easy destruction of weaker pockets of Germans.

    What have you guys done specifically, and have you made snappy names as well?

  • gross

  • my only opponents strategy so far was concede all non factory territories and establish stacks of 30+ infantry

  • '10

    I’ve been trying to think of an effective way to put the U.S. back on their heels a bit–obviously the Japs can get to Alaska fairly easily, and the Italians (if Taranto doesn’t happen) can maybe get to Panama.  It’d be nice if the Germans could maybe float a couple guys in to Canada around the same time, but I’m not sure that could ever happen.

    Any thoughts?

  • It might be feasable if you Capture London.  You use this as a staging point to land in Canada.

  • '10

    …which makes it effectively infeasible, I think.  I just hate seeing Ottawa and San Fran sitting over there all safe-like.  Seems like there ought to be some kind of strategy to at least get them into play.  Think a combined Jap/Italian American gambit would be enough to stall them for a round or so?

  • I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out ways for the Axis to neutralize the US but keep coming back to the fact that it slows down the Jap economy and/or attack on Russia/Africa to do it.  You never seem to be able to get past landing in Alaska before the US has effectively made the West Coast close to invincible, at which point you’re forced to continuously commit Japan’s purchases to maintaining their foothold.  As far as any other Axis country getting involved in the anti-US action, any points you’re committing to attack (assuming you even find a way to do so) is less points your spending beating up on UK/Russia, which IMHO needs to be your goal for the European Axis in order to take advantage of the fact that the US is outta the game.  If anyone has any realistic ideas would love to hear em.

  • US makes around what, 80 in global?  Japan makes around 70+ with DEI/India/Pearl?  And that can be done by turn 4 at the latest.  Add in the convoy blockade at the west coast and those incomes are nearly equal.  I think given enough time the US will fall to Japan in this scenario.

  • It would be very hard for Japan to actually take any of The US’s Big Three.  If it wanted to US could use its 3 major factories to build 25 inf in just one turn of building.  Japan would have to build ships and put men on them or build many planes to even match one turn of that building.  And to convey raid the US for that amount they would have to not defend their coast at all.

  • '10

    Yeah, I don’t see any of them falling, probably, but forcing the U.S. to spend a round building to defend would be helpful, maybe, if it was timed just right.  I dunno if it could be just Japs, though–I think one of the other Axis would have to take a stab as well.

  • Think of it as a good challange of wasting americas time and money rather than holding alaska.  It is ashort boat trip from alaska to pearl harbor then another short trip to mexico.

    If america messes up and your tanks can blitz through and capture anything neat all the better.

    Really i am having more fun playing the axis. They just seem more mobil.

  • Its not a matter of quickly taking over america.  If the US is 100% devoted to building units to defend against Japan, the Germans should finish off Russia.

    And really, if japan can just place 1 more unit in alaska than the US can build, eventually…

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