• Our little group is only 3 people, we drew straws and I was left with the axis. I was overwhelmed by the size of the game.

    Since this was a learning experience, I did silly things like point out to the Britain player to look what was in england, and yes I had a transport and many aircraft on the french coast. After the Britain player completed his attacks on GB1 I showed him the move to get rid of some of the italian fleet. We ended up playing 6 turns before calling the game - Allied Victory.

    My timing and judgement were completely off for this game. Took 2 turns to take out the French (never seen dice like that before). I couldn’t really get into the Japanese
    part of the game, wasn’t sure exactly when to bring US and Russia into the game. I ended up attacking Russia J2, and US on J3. Germany waited till G4 to attack Russia.

  • Awesome man, congrats on completing a game! I still haven’t even had the time to set up a game let alone play, its just too epic to do on a whim’s notice.

  • Allied win! So did the UK play well and keep their country? And bad dice no one likes those! Sounds good hope you enjoyed it! How long did you three take? I played 6 rounds in 10 hours with 6 players and am wanting some comparison.

  • '14

    Setting up a global game now to see how it looks and functions……halfway through set up and I need a beer break.  😄

  • I finished a global game yesterday. I was Ge and It, a friend was Ja, another was UK, ANZAC and FR and another China, US and SU.

    Even though my Italian fleet was left alone and a I1 where I lost nothing and gained 5 territories, followed by another couple of good turns for the Axis the Allies won.

    The moment the US and SU were at war the megafleet of the US moved to the most eastern territory of the SU and landed 10 land units there, while their bombers took care of the transports and small ships at the Japanese coast (and after that landed next to the land forces in the Soviet Far East). Yes, US bombers can take of from San Francisco, attack the Japanese Sea and land in Soviet Union. Japan had to pull its navy back and with that the game was over. No more expansion for Japan, a couple of relatively bad rolls from Germany and Soviets pumping out hordes of infantry and it was all over.

    To balance things a bit more we are going to use the Italian Fix (we thought up that rule and then read in on here too) and use the Japanese extra NO of 10 IPC while not at war (except with China). I don’t think it will be enough so maybe we will even consider super subs for Germany, Warbonds for Italy or Super Factories (what’s the name?)for Japan.

    Mind you, we used the new set up as described in Canucks post (less aircraft in the Pacific). The naval base in NSW is logical, but extremely powerful for ANZAC. They get both NO’s on turn 1 and can reach almost everywhere that’s important for them.

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