• My intuition is against any naval Ger buys. As much a I respect Hobbes as one the greatest player I have played against, I think he was simply really lucky for his opposition going with Russia east. If german player spends that much on boats, imho Russia can kill him almost singlehandedly if really runs after him tough.

    While I agree that to find out the best strategy to deal with german naval buys is not trivial, i simply cannot be persuaded to belive that you will not miss the 42 IPCs on 3 ACs (that is 14 inf man!) on the ground. And if you have russia trading Eastern Europe and Balkans R3 with you, I doubt you find yourself in the shape you wanted to be in even if you make the normal progress in Africa.

  • we play with advantages on the 42 board, these advantages below created a game where German Subs where very effective and played a bigger role in the game.  we made our own collection from we found in house rules and from the previous A&A Revised game. 
    we choose advantages by row…. Row 1
    Russia - Russian Winter • must declare During Combat Movement. Inf. Attack on 2 & Defend On 3 (In 1st Cycles) WINTER lasts till start of next Russia’s next turn) WINTER ONLY AFFECTS FOLLOWING TERRITORIES: Russia, Evenki N.O., Novosibirsk, Kazakh, Caucasus, W. Russia, Archangel, Belo Russia, Karelia
    Germany - UBoat interdiction • during collect income phase for UK and USA -1 IPC for every 2 subs Outside Of SZ 5 & 16
    Britain - Radar • Your Anti-Aircraft Guns In Tan Territories Hit Air Units On a 2.
    Japan - Tokyo Express • Each Of Your Destroyers May Act As A Transport For 1 Infantry (Follow Rules Of Transports) DD acting as Transports Retain Anti Sub Abilities & get 1 Att. role on 1st Cycle Only if combat occurs in SZ of amphibious assault
    USA - Island Bases • When Moving Air Units - US May Treat Island Groups As Part Of SZ’s Containing Them.  ie. Ftr Can Fly From Hawaii To E. Indies (If Owned)

    point is i think a good way to up the factors of certain units in the game is with a good set of advantages but they must be balanced as to not give any side to much of an advantage

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