• The USA transporting forces to Asia doesn’t necessarily doom Europe. US subs can take the hits from what remains of Japan’s air force, if the player wishes to remove his fighters from the Asian attacks (only infantry without IC’s ???). American fleet presence weakens Japans strike power (with no Japanese transports and only say 1 IC). The British coming from Africa cuts them from the south-west. With most of Russian NP restored by Britian/US in Asia with this pincer movement, I don’t see how the Russian’s can’t delay Germany indefinitely…

  • I agree with the Field Marshall. If the US does go for the Pacific they can take all of the islands in a few turns. This is good beacuse they are worth 9 IPCs. That’s pretty close to half of Japan’s starting income.
    The other factor in this is delaying the Axis. If the Russians are very good at all they can hold off the Germans and the British air force can keep the heat off of africa. The Allies also need to find troops to keep territorys in asia though. This is done with at least a british IC and the russians sending 2 infantry east every turn. Then Japan is weak, the Germans are pretty frusterated and the allies are in good shape to kill them.

  • good idea,maybe it would work for a while but all it really does is stall the enemy.You need to have good teamates for it to be effective

  • Britain should not worry about africa, USA should instead. Britain should help Russia, and Russia already has her hands full.

  • I would like to agree with the field marshall vs. yanny. you really don’t need to tear away massive resources from the atlantic to save the russian’s backside. just by diverting some of their troops north in T2, you buy yourself at least one turn, even more if you can get some aircraft against those unprotected transports - i’m liking the idea of not engaging the us fleet.
    I’m also liking the idea of attacking to destroy infantry to fore stall attacks. I’ll experiment with that… esp. with my german fighters vs. UK navy in T1, just blow the transports and leave the B.S. but I’m still convinced that no russian attack anywhere can keep germany out of moscow. I agree with the drunken liar.
    there are 9 inf in three countries boardering karelia, if you take a mere 8 casualties, then only 12 men stand between my 7 tanks and moscow? 12 at 33% or 7 at 50% hmmmm. I don’t know, and that’s i think assuming the germans defend poorly. but I really do like the infantry killing idea, very progressive…

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