2010 tournament

  • Well, summer is coming to an end and as every year, the soldiers of the WAWC
    Shall return on the battlefield on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010.

    The allies lost the last 2 games so for the representatives of the allies the wathword is…we will never surrender!
    During this game, we are going to try a new version of the blitzkrieg and the sneak attack.
    The confrontation will be apocalyptic!
    Hope I’ll survive and send you a summary and pictures.


  • Who won?

  • In october 2010 Axis won the game and in november 2010 Allies took their revenge.
    After 20 games the socre is….
    Axis 10 win
    Allies 8 win
    2 tied
    We’re going to start our 2011 season with a game in march 5th.
    I’m the leader of the group with 12 win, 6 lost and 2 tied but since 2006, we accepted new players and it became more
    difficult to win!

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