Fav country in g40 now that its out

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    2 minor IC’s, obviously  🙂
    They must build one in Queensland or something

    Or he meant 3

  • Very tough decision: nearly a 4-way tie for first place. But…
    1. Britain. In the few Global games I have played, UK seems critical in the Allies victory worldwide, so it takes number 1. Plus it is on the front lines in both Europe and Pacific.
    2. Italy. It has a lot of power to be an auxiliary in many different arenas of the game. Africa, Russian front, Russia via middle east, and India.
    3. Japan. Navy, Air Force, and a potential strong land presence.  It can spread like a virus. The game I am in the middle of, I am japan, invading russia through china, at the doorstep of Calcutta, poised to decimate Australia’s Navy at Java, and bombing the Minor IC in South Africa to give Italy a chance.
    4. America. After it enters the war, all hell breaks loose for the Axis.
    5. Germany. It has a lot of different strategies it could take, but in the first three turns faces the impending Russian invasion, and thus, slightly limited in what it can do at first.
    6. ANZAC. It is almost too little a threat for Japan to bother with at the beginning, and with the low IPC values of it’s spaces, it doesn’t seem monetarily beneficial either.  Yet it can be a significant player if given the time to expand to the nearby islands and build up a force. Like someone said earlier, it can be a fortress.
    7. Russia. Being on the frontlines against the most powerful axis player, it has little choice but to throw everything it has in a slow advance against Germany. However, I do enjoy the challenge that Russia poses.
    8. France.  I’ve never played it, but it has the power to linger on as a continuing nuisance which can be rather comical at times.
    9. China.  It is a challenge, and maybe I haven’t played it right, but from where I am coming from there is no possible way for China to hold back Japan until Britain enters the war in the Pacific. Nonetheless, can be quite the annoyance for Japan.

  • TripleA

    axis has the most votes… I picked japan, because winning with japan is much more work than just moving infantry/mech/tanks/artillery toward russia. I mean come on. Russia is just a sad panda and germany is a zookeeper that smacks him around.

  • Japan FTW!

  • I voted Russia because in every game of A&A the game is won and lost on the frozen steppe. and I love the challege of fighting the up hill battle.

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    Who doesn’t dream of a second Roman empire? I know Italy will be eliminated, but love the highs and hopes of everlasting glory. Have lost Rome when Italy is doing well too! All good fun.

  • Russia all the way
    the bear in the east! haha

    doesn’t always happen, but nothing more satisfying then watching the Red army stunt the nazi offensive

    Russian play also seems the most intuitive of the allies, just gear up for a dirty land war and hold and push back when you can

    the lack of action is kinda cool, cuz when the action starts, its usually huge well-developed stacks clashing in gargantuan conflicts for the life or death of the Motherland!


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    Russia because it is deeper than ever.  Let them come, and die on the frozen steppes…
    Also, you don’t have to mess with fleet, but you can always torment Germany with a sub purchase here and there in zone 127
    Starting with 4 factories…
    Russia has been my favorite in all versions, too.  You can focus on the Germans…  Beat back the Japs if they ever get close…

    Yeah, guy!  Time to repeat my post, I think.  🙂

  • ANZAC, because they are so unpredictable… just like me>

  • voted japs cause that s the country with most options. it s almost impossible to have a boring game while playing japs. 🙂

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